Monday, July 12, 2010


Complete three rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, right arm
21 L Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, left arm
21 L Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

These are squat not power snatches.

Compare to 091129.

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  1. my body is begging for a day off. can’t face joshie tomorrow.

  2. Couldn’t do Joshie at all last time it came up. Today I did it with 20 lb dumbbells in 35:42. I’m calling that a PR.

  3. Did JOSHIE today as RX. My time was 24:28, which is 0:28 SLOWER than my best. I think that both hands ripping had a little bit to do with it 😉

  4. First day back after 5 days away due to travel for work last week and then a family reunion this weekend.

    2 Rounds of Alternate Joshie:

    21 Right DB Snatch, 10#
    21 pullup (red+tiny)
    21 KTE (bench)
    21 Left DB Snatch, 10#
    21 pullup (red+tiny)
    21 KTE (bench)


    I missed this workout the last time it came up.

  5. I’ve managed to miss this the last two times it came up. In retrospect, I probably should have missed it again.

    46:01 (using 15# DBs)

    Did power snatches followed by overhead squats. Had a hard time keeping my arm extended and reaching full depth on the squats.

  6. I thought I had done myself a favor by skipping yesterday’s WOD, but today’s made up for it.

    Did modified Joshie with 15# DBs, pullups with tiny band and KTE on the bench. Snatches were rough.

    Time: 49:29

  7. UPDATE: Made the Pork-rind flour pancakes yesterday. Used 1 4oz bag of Mission brand fried pork rinds from Kroger (they have 3 diff brands for sale, but this one had the least sodium/most protein…& was not BBQ flavor) + recipe as RX’d from Jules Food blog. Had to add 2-4 tablespoons extra cream/h2o, stevia instead of splenda, plus a little agave & the result was…FANTASTIC! The recipe made 6 pancakes which I cooked in clarified butter & topped with sugar-free syrup, banana slices, & blueberries. would probably work as a crepe/tortilla/wrap-alternative too…

    mmm, highly-recommended & super yummy 🙂

    • mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • OK, you inspired me…I went out and bought some pork rinds today…will experiment this week : )

  8. 26:23, 20 lb dumbells (probably could have done more weight). Didn’t mind the snatches, but the “L” pullups were a lot.

  9. LOVE the picture!!

    Used 20 lb dumbell


    HUGE PR, last time I did 15 lbs and it took me 36:20
    L-pullups were broken into sets of 6/5/5/5 until last set which was sets of 3
    I felt like maybe I rested too much during the squat snatches but my shoulders still ache from the damn thrusters yesterday.

  10. 49:46
    RX weight, pullups and KTE.

    I think I ripped every finger on both hands. That hurt a LOT.

  11. Is that me doing a yoga pose, praying, sleeping, bowing to greatness, or just waiting for the pain to subside? 🙂

  12. 48:20. Went low on wt (30lbs) since I tried to do all L pull ups. Last half of l pull ups were knees tucked rather than out.

  13. 49:22 using 15# dumbells

  14. 56:35- slowed down by L pull-ups, but a good idea of something new to work on! a mixture of L and knee tuck pull ups.

    Also ran 1200m today- 6:56

  15. Forgot to post my time to this.

    55:34 using 10# dumbbells. Started with just the tiny band on pull-ups but had to increase to red+tiny due to hand ripping and muscle cramping in my arm.

    This was awful.

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