Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HQ Rest Day

Photo Courtesy of Jules Food

Jules Food is a fascinating little corner of the internet. Jules (that’s as much info as the “about me” page provides) is quite the culinary adventurer, and beautifully photographs explorations into the odd (BBQ Frog Legs, Soy Ginger Pig Ears – Two Ways), the Paleo (Slow Cooker Corned Beef, Sweet Savory Spicy Pecan Pancetta and Eggs), and the YUM! (Spicy Bacon Peanut Brittle, Chocolate Mud Cakes)

The photo above is of Chicharron Pancakes, Jules’ gluten-free creation made using a ‘flour’ made from pork rinds. Yup, a FLOUR MADE FROM PORK RINDS! SOMEONE needs to make this and let us know how it comes out…it sounds amazing!

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  1. …o…m….g! porkrind flour 🙂

    • I am intrigued by the pork rind flour…I may try to make it at some time :). Maybe…

      • gonna make it this week…will update 4 sur 😉 (Laura knows i can’t resist stuff like…or the bacon-bomb…etc.)

        • p.s. there is no “try”

          LOL 🙂

  2. NO WAY!!! That is freakin awesome…I will be looking for this flour immediately. haha!

  3. 15 min AMRAP
    10 GHD sit-ups
    10 back extensions
    20 double-unders

    9 rounds + 3 GHDs
    All sets of double-unders unbroken

  4. Fun 7am crew. We had a 15-min AMRAP going and the majority made up the wod from Saturday. Those of us who had already done Saturday’s wod did our own thing. Here’s what I did:

    15-min AMRAP
    5 deadlits, 132# (I went light just ’cause)
    14 KTE on the bench, switched to situps after a few rounds due to back pain

    9 rounds even – The KTE’s really slowed me down in the beginning.

  5. Made up saturday’s wod.
    15 min amrap
    5 db push jerks, 35# DBs
    7 box jumps, 27″ box

    This is the highest box jump I have done in a workout. Hard but manageable. Maybe next time I’ll try 30.

    15 rounds

  6. Ok, gross. Just gross. The ears..and those poor little frogs. I’d rather have the veggie omelet MRE.

    • mmm, good ol menu no. 4–def add the hot sauce (that cheese n veggie is sooo bland)

      …but come on, you know you’d Luv some piggie pancakes! 🙂

  7. Hey everyone, Sheryl and I talked over the weekend about getting together on Friday night, July 16 to watch the live webcast of the games. She has offered up her great house as a place for us to gather and watch on Friday evening. The opening ceremonies start at 9pm our time with the first event starting at 10pm I think. Looks like the Friday night events will be done by midnight. It will be “bring your own” snacks and drinks.

    I’m sure Sheryl will post more info when she has time, but I wanted to get this on your radar.

    • Sounds like FUN!

    • I think this is a great idea! But, I’ll be in Michigan! =( Have fun!

    • Tx Pat. More info?

      • Well, not everyone knows where you live…I didn’t feel that I should offer your address and phone #. I’ll leave that to you.

      • Also, if you need help connecting your internet to your TV…remember, we weren’t sure we knew how to do that.

      • Never finished typing this msg. Decided to wait till I got home so that typing would be easier. I must have “butt sent” it by accident. Hahaha.

        I haven’t had a CF get together in a while so it’s high time. I’ll supply a few things, but it’ll mainly be BYOW(hatever).

        I live in Avondale Ests which is not far from the gym. My cell is 678-576-5845. Call for address.

        Also, I have a few computer screens, but none are BIG. So, is there a way to hook up my computer to my flat screen?

        Should be fun!

        • Yes….do you have a newer laptop and TV? If so, all you need is a HDMI cable, if older technology than all you need is a VGA cord and some AV cables. Run them from your laptop to your TV and thats pretty much it! I’ll be more than happy to check out what you have and go to best buy with you and get it all set up. Just let me know!

          • I have a digital projector and screen I could bring if we want to show it LARGE!

    • I HATE to miss this. I have a 9 am event in Columbia, SC on Sat. Do I dare get up really early and drive there?

      • scratch that. just checked and it’s a 3.5 hour drive. that’s too early.



    Next stop…Boston marathon. =)

    • Great news!

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