Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Set a cone at 20 meters. Five rounds for time of:
185 pound barbell Overhead walk, 40 meters
30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
95 pound barbells Farmer carry, 40 meters

The barbells must be turned around the cone.

**We will have a slightly altered WOD at the gym based on the equipment and space needed.

Laurie Galassi 17:34 (125lbs / 14lbs / 65lbs), Pat Barber 18:22, Rob Orlando18:23 (with 20lb vest), Rebecca Voigt 23:39 (115lbs / 16lbs / 65lbs), Elyse Umeda 24:07 (125lbs / 14lbs / 65lbs), Kristan Clever 26:26 (115lbs / 16lbs / 65lbs). Post time to comments.

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  1. Why have so many people done this…is it something that has been posted before? Looking forward to it!

    • HQ asks a handful of elite CrossFitters to do some of these WODs prior to posting them.

      • so how come you’re not up there??

  2. 35 lb dumbbells, 20 lb wallballs, 70 lb kettlebells:

  3. 45# DBs for OH walk
    20# wallballs
    70# (round 1 and 4) and 55# (rounds 2, 3 and 5) KBs for farmer’s walk (due to congestion)


  4. I did the CFRx alternate workout as prescribed. 😉 HEY! I have to claim my “RX’s” when I can!

    5 Rounds:

    150′ Overhead Walk, 40# db’s
    30 Wallballs, 14#
    150′ Farmer’s Walk, 55# db’s


    • that is a heck of a lot of weight!!

  5. Check out the video/interview of Laura (and Shana) in the CF Journal. There’s a free download so you don’t have to have a subscription. Also, there’s a short preview on today’s HQ blog.

    Good job, Laura!

    • Great video!
      I like your hair down, its so much longer than it seems 🙂

    • Thanks, Pat.

      Laura, great interview!

    • Loved the video Laura. I’ve been looking for it on CrossFit Journal for a while. One question: Do you know that other woman from CrossFit East Decatur?

  6. 27:05

    Used a 40lb for OH for the first round, went to 35 after that..couldn’t get the left arm to straighten out with 40s. Will work on it.

    55lb farmer carry

    14 wall ball

  7. 33:14 RX

    • Strong man.

    • As Rx’d by CFRX, that is.

  8. The available weight for men is limited, so those that are able should come in as early as possible to avoid to much congestion.
    Morning Crew,
    Thanks for your patience and cooperation. Hopefully HQ will refrain from putting up to many more WODs like this one. Yall did a gr8 job of working it though 🙂

  9. As cfrx rx’d- 23:56

  10. 28:53

    30# DBs on Overhead Walk
    12# WallBalls
    55# DBs on Farmer’s Walk

    Thanks to Cait-makers for pushing me to finish! You and Pat kicked butt!

    • You did awesome!!! Great job!

  11. Rx in 21:15 with a 20 lb vest. Just kidding. Damn work schedule is not cooperating, will have to catch this one another time.

    • lol!

  12. As cfrx rx’d 24:07

    40# OH DB walk
    14# wall balls
    55# DB farmer’s walk

    I am definitely stronger in the afternoon.

    Pat, you inspired me.

    • Glad I could return the favor ’cause you inspire me everyday. 🙂

      • Wow, yall are so inspirational…

        • Are you making fun of us?

      • Aww, thanks Pat!!

  13. 30# db Overhead walk
    30 Wallball shots, 10 pound ball
    35# db Farmer carry


  14. 30#/14#/55#


    • You looked so strong…

  15. started at 30# for the first round then dropped to 25# OH DB, 12# wall balls, 45# walk


    • Awesome way to stick with it–you def added the “power” to the power hour today Jessica!! Great work 🙂

  16. 25# overhead (my shoulders hurt so much they woke me up last night)
    14 # wb – totally depressing…tried to string two together but the majority of the time, I missed the wall on the second one and had to redo it…so I wasted a lot of time and energy there…uggg – I think I kicked the med ball at least three times and dropped the f-bomb at least four times that many times 😉
    45 lb farmer walk

    • …ain’t it cool how you couldn’t do ANY of that in an LA Fitness-like place 😀

  17. 25# overhead, 10# wall ball, 45# farmer carry (4 rounds) 40# for last round

    27:41 I liked this one, I think I need to move to the 12# ball.

    2 soccer games 🙂 definitely feel like I got a great workout today.

  18. Definitely liked this one
    Rx – 22:42 I think. This one played to my strengths. Finished first 3 rds in 12 minutes.

  19. 25/12/45#

    Time: 30:26

  20. 46:24
    Could/should have done more on the overhead weight. And probably not been so chatty.

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