Monday, June 28, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Made up Friday’s WOD, but was only able to complete 3 rounds b/c of time constraint.

    3 rds
    40 dbl unders
    30 24″ box jumps
    20 35# kb swings


    dbl unders were really choppy – wasted a lot of time there. box jumps were 12/10/8 for the most part. kb swings were unbroken in rounds 1&3, 10/10 in round 2 out of laziness.

    I would like to do this wod sometime when my entire body isn’t aching.

    • Wow! Nice time!

  2. Did crossfit football wod. Started w 5 sets of 3-rep front squats

    felt really strong despite the fact it was 630AM

    then did the Metcon
    15 minute AMRAP
    5-185 overhead any way u can (I did split jerks)
    10- pushups
    15-GHD back extensions

    total rounds- 6 plus 1 overhead

    did better than I imagined I would. I’m enjoying early morning wods.

  3. Made up Friday’s WOD:

    DUs are VERY choppy; in the first round, I got 20 in a row (double/single combo), and then I was lucky to get 3 in subsequent rounds, usually just 1 or 2
    20″ box (used 24″ first round and almost bit it bad so I used 20″ for subsequent rounds)
    KBS (35#) all unbroken

  4. Zeke you are nuts to put that kind of weight over head that early in the morning. I hate the mornings!

    • It’s my New secret weapon.

  5. There’s a really good article on Mark’s Daily Apple today. The topic is compulsive eating. Sometimes it seems like I’m the only one who can’t seem to conquer the nutrition portion of the fitness equation, but maybe there are others who will benefit from reading the article too, so I wanted to mention it. I appreciate that he acknowledged that just switching to a primal diet (as huge as that is) doesn’t solve the problem of compulsive eating…and that it can take a while to overcome, but that it CAN be done. Oh yes it can.

    • You are *so* not the only one, Pat! I’m feeling more on track this week but I struggle all the time. The Daily Apple post is good with some good suggestions in the comments, too. Thanks for posting.

      • Great article on a topic that is all too familiar. I dealt with compulsive eating for many years, and though I have had it under control for the past 5 years or so, it still helps to read about it. It is often overlooked as an eating disorder, though I believe it is by far the most common. It most certainly can be beat!!

  6. 5 rds:
    Deadlift, 5 reps
    10 HSPU (paralettes, abmat and box sub)
    12:36 (186#)

    Thanks for the link Pat.

  7. 5 Rds of 186# DL and 10 Pike pushup off of paralettes. 9:28. Thanks for laura combining the paralettes and boc for HSPU—definitly improved!

  8. Sunday’s workout
    I should have used more weight on the deadlifts
    #109, I subbed pike push ups. This is my first
    time doing these kind of push ups and I didn’t do a
    very good job with them.

    Lost count on rounds so I did an extra round because I wanted to be sure
    I did 5 rounds…. final time 17:45

    Worked on pull ups with green band/ small gold band 40 pull ups total

  9. Made up Friday’s hellish wod:
    5 rounds
    40 du
    30 box jump 24″
    20 KB (35 lb)

    This was a really hard WOD, rarely have felt as horrible afterwards…after three rounds I was at 14:11 so clearly the last two KILLED me.
    BUT, I am happy with the 24″ box jumps….they are hard for me as I am not a jumper and I am short…but I have been practicing 😉
    DU should have been better….all KB unbroken except round 4, they were 10/10.

  10. I am the POD. =) Picture of the Day…get it? Anyone? Is this mic on?

    • Yur funny!

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