* Hyperbaric Therapy *

The Hyperbaric Therapy Center will be visiting CrossFit Rx Thursday, June 17th providing complimentary treatment sessions. From their website:

“Hyperbaric therapy helps athletes on three levels by forcing more oxygen to reach tissue, organs, cells, and bodily fluids, providing up to 300% oxygen saturation.  Furthermore, it has been shown that the pressurized enviroment of the chamber allows the athlete to recover more quickly from injury, swelling, fatigue and dehydration.”

If you wish to take advantage of this service you must schedule an appointment time.  Each treatment is 20 minutes, and times will be available all day Thursday. To sign up, please send an email with your requested time to damon@crossfitrx.com.

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  1. The goal with this is to have return visits from The HT Center and possibly providing Hyperbaric Therapy as a recurring service at CFRx.
    They won’t come out if we don’t fill our schedule, so please sign up and give it a try 🙂

  2. Are we supposed to workout before the therapy?

    • I spoke with the guy from the HTC and he told me that it really doesn’t matter if your treatment is pre, or post workout. However, your body should be pretty cool (not hot and sweaty) when you get into the Hyperbaric Chamber.
      Please make sure you all are on time for your appointments!

    • See, I told everyone he was just ahead of his time 😉

  3. OK, here is the Hyperbaric Therapy Schedule for tomorrow. Please be on time everyone.

    0640 Joy Wasson
    0700 Angie Todd
    0720 Mike Nelson
    0740 Jacquelyn West
    0800 Therese Poole
    0820 Andrew Larrier
    0900 Scott Guichard
    0920 Andrew Kilinski
    0940 Miguel Parsons
    1000 Danielle McClendon
    1020 Damon Mosley
    1100 Laura DeMarco
    1140 Kelly Levens
    1200 Ruth Stanford
    1220 Brent Ferricci

    1640 Sheryl McCalla
    1740 Mac White

    For those that haven’t signed up, there are still times available. Please let me know ASAP.


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