Thursday, June 10, 2010

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090808

“The Real Suck,” courtesy of CrossFit Watertown

The real suck is in the middle. It’s not at the beginning of the workout, when your lungs are fresh and the rush of getting started carries you along, like the blood pumping through your veins.

And the real suck is not at the very end,when sheer adrenaline takes over and you know you can hold on and keep going through another minute or two, or another round. Anger or pride or sheer stubbornness can carry you through those moments. Some folks will do just about anything to finish.

No, the real suck is in the middle. The round of 15 in “Fran” . . . the middle 50 of anything in “Murph” . . . Minutes 9-15 of a 20 min AMRAP. And, horribly, minutes 12-20 of a 30 min AMRAP.

What happens in those moments? Your body and your mind tell you to stop, to quit, to be kind to yourself and take a break.

Yet you keep going.

Congratulations, you’re a survivor. Carry that over into all of your life and you’ve got a chance at being a success.

In life, people (mostly) fail in the middle. They can’t handle the real suck. Education, work, relationships, owning their own business — all are a rush at first. Exciting, pulsing, fascinating. Then, in the middle, time slows. It’s not as fun. Things get really hard. They find themselves smack dab in the middle of the suck. And, often, they lose interest and they walk away. They quit.

So, when it’s you in that spot in the WOD or in your life, remember, as always, you’ve got two choices: Quit or persevere. Suck it up and make it through the suck. In school, in work, in your relationships. In your workout. Finish, or walk away.

Two choices in pretty much everything in this life.

How you choose determines your future.

The WOD is just practice for your life. Choose wisely.

Good luck.

(Words by Lisbeth Darsh/CrossFit Watertown.)

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  1. Beautiful photo of Terri — and she’s hardly aged a day since June 1980! Go T-Mac! : )

    • xoxo

      p.s. Time for a haircut! I’m starting to look like Kristy McNichol. (Anyone remember Kristy McNichol?)

      • Family!

  2. Look at those high elbows! I like the pic!

  3. Great picture of Terri.

    And great article! I share this idea that crossfit is a metaphor for the “workout of life” and vice versa.

  4. 176-198-220-242-264(PR)
    Up from 257 on Feb 6, 2010.
    264 is also my 1 rep PR so I should be able to improve that next time.

    Finished with 1000m row for time: 3:43

    • You’re fast AND strong. Getting stronger by the day it seems.

    • You were right Aaron, it was 5×7

  5. 198-220-226-231-236 (PR by 12)

    previous 5RM was 224 on 2/6/10.

    • great pr! sorry i missed it…

  6. Had some friends over and got a bit carried away last night, so lifting weights was just not that enticing today…so I did some body weight movements.
    Started with max rep pull ups and was disappointed, got 37, but knew I could do more. Then did J.T.-8:26, which was a PR by a good bit I think…finished with 3 rds of 25 GHD’s and 50 DU’s.

  7. Deadlifts for the first time since breaking my hand (sorry I have to keep saying that, but not for much longer 😉
    my PR is 186 so its not too bad…

  8. Has anyone else noticed the caption that was added to T’s picture? “JUN 80” Don’t think that was there this morning. 😉


  9. Made up yesterday’s WOD:
    125 pound Front squat, 5 reps
    10 Chest to bar Pull-ups
    20 Double-unders

    4rds + 5 FS + 10 CTBs.

    FS unbroken; CTB mostly singles after round one; DUs unbroken rds 1,2,4. Very broken round 3.

    Rested a lot on CTBs, but can’t say it was too much ’cause when I didn’t rest a lot I’d miss and have to re-do.

  10. I love this article


    I really surprised myself, my previous 1RM PR was about 354 I think. So, I went for a new 1RM PR after and did 1 of each of 374, then 384 and failed on 394… was about as close to finishing as you can get, but lost my grip. I’m chasing the 400lb mark, but I’ll settle for a 30 lb PR today.

    • dude! that’s fantastic work!

    • Great to see you do that, Scott! Looked painful but then you had the happy face afterwards!

      • Thanks Joy… congrats on your PRs too:) I was so happy because 2 years ago the doctor told me to never do squats or deadlifts again. To get this close to 400lbs was incredibly gratifying. To be walking after, even more so!

  11. so given no time to get to cfrx today, decided that outlaw wod from a day or two back (which included but was not limited to 5 rounds of 10 deads @ 275#) would be my deadlift play for the week
    …made up that row 500+25 barrier burpee x 2 wod but sub’d 50xSDHP @45# for the rows…6:25…ah, luv them burpees

  12. Ha Ha- Jun 1980 picture. Good one.
    PR’d on 5 rep deadlifts- yay! Ended up just a little shy of my fairly recent 1 rep max (156). Just discovered looking back that we did deadlift 5s as recently as Feb 6th but we had 7 sets then and I got up to 134.


    I need to start keeping a crossfit pr spreadsheet. If anyone knows of a better one, let me know– I just found this one:…/PR_Spreadsheet.pdf

  13. 196-230-264-286-308

    felt really good and sure I can do 20-30 lbs more – but work called

  14. 143-165-187-209-214(1)-209

    Felt good. Need less self-talk, more picking up heavy things.

    • Fantastic, Caitlin!

  15. 110, 132, 142 x 4, 142 x 2, 137 x 2

  16. 242, 264, 286, 301, 310

  17. 352

    Tried 374 a couple times, but couldn’t get multiples.

  18. 198-220-242-264-286

  19. 154-176-198-220-234

  20. 176/186/198

    Stopped at 3 b/c of a bruised shin, making for painful lifts.

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