Saturday, June 5, 2010

Northeast Regional Event 1

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
135 pound Overhead squat
Chest to bar pull-ups

Rob Orlando 3:44 (4:00 at the Regional but did it again), Stacey Kroon 5:56 (95lb OH squat). Post time to comments.

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  1. No thank you. (If I say it politely it makes it ok, right?)

  2. Looks like Brent forgot his socks again. 😉

  3. ~14:19
    Used 88# for OHS, worked from floor which added a good number of snatches to the WOD. Happy with CTB for most part although I definitely need to work on stringing more together.

    Finished with 100 DUs: 1:24 (18 seconds better than yesterday)

  4. 14:25 RX

    OHS were fine, but pullups ended up being sets of 2 & 3 for the most part, so they took a while.

  5. One inch (or one lenient coach) away from a 379# Deadlift…..damn lifts and they’re full ROM!

    • bada$$!! that’s almost 3x your bodyweight…

  6. 1a) Hang Power Clean 5×5
    1b) Hang Power Snatch 5×10

    HPC: 110×5

    HPS: 66×10

    First time doing Hang Power Cleans since February…pretty satisfied with the results.

    Hang Power Snatches were good, was happy (determined) to get all sets unbroken….Now my traps hate me 😦

    • after all of those cleans, just trying to imagine 10x hang power snatches at ANY weight sounds like ouch…your kung-fu is too strong! 🙂

  7. Felt like I have dragged the kids to the gym too much this week (they say its boring – what do they know?)

    Ran 3 miles, then did
    50 Thrusters for time (45 lb) – 4:21 Uggg! People do FRAN with 65 and pullups faster than that – have I mentioned that I hate thrusters?
    50 Push press (45 lb) for time – 2:03

  8. p.s. hey Rooth my climbing partner can’t play tomorrow so i’ll be in town if you still want to get out & ride at Yellow River Sunday afternoon?

  9. Fran today 65# – 7:01. I have nothing to base it off of…so I will take it!

  10. made this up on Sunday, 66.
    65#, green band

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