Friday, June 4, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Hey everyone,
    Quick reminder…I am having a “celebrate gym friends” party since Ian and I will be moving to Seattle in the next few weeks. My time here in Atlanta and specifically at Crossfit Rx has been a fantastic experience and I am sad to leave such a great gym and great people.

    If you are around, I hope you can join us in saying goodbye!

    When: Friday June 4th, 7:00pm
    Where: Six Feet Under on Memorial Dr.

    • Wish I could make it! But I have my (not so) wee ones so it’s unlikely. Might try to stop by for a quick drink though.

    • I’m in the same boat as Sheryl so we will probably just drop in for a short time 😉

    • Ruth and I will see you there! And then we will kidnap you both and chain you to a GHD machine so you cannot move away!

    • Sorry we couldn’t make it. You will be missed!!!!

  2. Decided to try Jackie today.
    Rx: 9:49 (1:07 better than last time in Feb 2010)

    Finished with 100 DUs for time (1:42)

    • Nice!

    • DUs just suck, don’t they? 🙂

  3. Hey everyone, congrats again to all the regional badasses. Hope to join the various parties going on. Tucker and I have been on vacation at the Grand Canyon this week…look forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow!

  4. Tried to do the 800m runs at home but my calf swelled up during the first run (compartment syndrome – happens to me when I don’t run regularly….). 3:33

    Then, practiced a bunch of 75 lb cleans and jerks and some clean and jerks just to get back some of the form I have lost….

  5. Randy, I think we should start seeing other people…8:21 (Rx)

  6. Did you know that today is national donut day?

    I will be celebrating by continuing with Day 4 (of 35) of eating totally paleo. And giving my bastard coworkers angry looks as they try to tempt me with donuts and brownies.

    • I am glad that I did not know this this morning, I might have been tempted to fall off day 4 of my Paleo (esque) diet myself! Good job!

    • Miguel, Mike and I celebrated a variation of this great holiday this morning. We shall call it National Cinnamon Roll Day. It was actually mostly Miguel and I – Mike had one tiny bite.

  7. Ahhh, I remember in 1968 when Michael performed this lift

    • Were your parents even born in 1968?

  8. Made up the 4 800s tonight.

  9. I did Fran tonight with a group at CFOTM… I’d say it was fun, but you know how Fran goes.

    4:39 Rx – this is an 11 second PR. I know this doesn’t count for time at RX, but at least I know I’m still marching forward to that sub 4 goal, even if it is a slow march.

    21 round unbroken, and pullups felt very easy.
    15 round was broken, and pullups after #5 felt impossible
    9 round was me just trying to ‘pass somebody’ – I did by a mere second though

    • Excellent Scott! I really wanted to do it with you guys. Even through some clothes in the car just in case 😉 But makes more sense for me to wait.

    • My time was actually 4:38! every second counts… and I’ll take them!

  10. Did four rounds of “The Seven” this afternoon. My time was 22:26. I really really really liked it. However, I had to take off to pick up my boys, so I was only able to complete 4 rounds….I did arrive at 4pm, so how did I run out of time?

    • well, we all know how slow you move. lol just kidding!

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