Thursday, June 3, 2010


75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090703

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  1. What is women’s weight for this?

  2. Earlier this evening…
    Max Rep CTB Pull Ups (50# Vest)
    Max Rep Dead Lifts (225#)

    Round 1: 10 reps/ 13 reps
    Round 2: 08 reps/ 10 reps
    Round 3: 07 reps/ 11 reps
    Round 4: 06 reps/ 11 reps

    I know I’m capable of many more DLs at that weight, but my grip failed me miserably…

    • this is an interesting WOD!

  3. Enjoyed this one.
    8:42 RX

    • Great time. I do believe you made the board!

  4. Sorry I missed the wod this morning. I’m traveling so I’ll see y’all next week. I always seem to miss snatch days…

    • Cute picture of Lani!

  5. Can’t do power snatches because of forearm, so subbed 76 lb thrusters:


  6. Rx: 11:08

  7. Hey CF Rx!
    -I think we need to have a get together soon… maybe a celebratory pool party before I sell my house (as if I would be so lucky it seems)

    -I did this 2 years ago when at CFED and we all had a ton of fun. Everybody brought some food/drinks, but we ended up with WAY too much stuff. I think we could vastly simplify this and still have plenty

    -I was thinking a Saturday afternoon, perhaps as soon as the 12th? The following two weekends I am participating in local CF events and can’t.

    So, I’d like to know what everybody thinks? Interested in doing this? Since I (we) have so many friends at CF On The Move, I’d like to invite them too..

    • Sundays can work too, and we don’t even have to do it this month… I’m flexible.

      • Sundays are always better for me….but whatever. Looking forward to it!

    • …what’s the speedo policy? 😉

      • optional of course (and by that you can wear one, wear nothing, or wear a dress, no matter to me)

        • Awesome!

        • Awesome!

          p.s.nice work on Randy too

        • I am out of town all weekends in June except the last. If a weekend doesn’t work, any chance we could do a thurs night? that’s close enough to the weekend, isn’t it? i sure hate to miss a party…

          • A thursday evening would be cool with me too…

    • I’m in! Weekends of June 12, 19, 26 work for me (12, 13, 19, 20 are best). Thursdays are tough unless we’re making this kid friendly (in which case an absence-of-swimsuit discussion is in order).

      • Count Jimmy and I in!

    • I’m good with just about any time…I’m out of town the weekend of July 4th and July 22nd but otherwise any time is fine – sounds like FUN – speedos or not 😉

    • Fun!!!

    • oh yeah…i forgot about party dates/times…thursdays fine and/or June 20/26/27 would rock or anytime in july after the 11th (july has 5 weekends btw).

      & 5:06 on “randy” @ home…did 80 reps on accident but took video so caught it on replay. then to CFRx for heavier snatch practice. UGH…so much to learn. Thanks to our awesome coaches (Rudy, this means u 2) for many many (did I say many yet?) pointers. Lots o learning today…fun fun! 😀

      • Ooh, nothing Like a Scott endorsed pool party!!! Just let us know!!!

        • shhhhh

  8. Randy. Another 1st.
    5:55 Rx (76lbs)

    I liked this. I even cut my shins up like the big boys.

    Bonus work included 100 Double Unders; 50 GHD; 50 Toes to Bar. New philosophy is that if I can’t feel my abs aching all the time, then I am doing something wrong.

  9. Ran from home to gym, about 2.5 miles.
    Then Randy RX, 6:00. I like this too. Very light weight but the challenge was in the number of reps! Ran home from gym.

  10. Normandy
    11:30 min. AMRAP (clock got cut off early)
    5 rnds

    • No HSPU buy-in

  11. 43lbs = 16:47

  12. Randy Rx

    Feels good to be able to get back to doing weight wods again!
    Feels even better to be back to kipping pullups in succession!

  13. 7:54 RX

  14. Made up the 800m run workout today on the indoor track at Emory, thinking the A/C and flat track would make it easier. And guess what?

    IT DIDN’T!!! Stupid running.

  15. When isn’t lovely to run on Dekalb Avenue?
    3 min rest between rounds

    I would like to party at Scott G.’s house like it is 2008…keep us in the loop.

  16. 6:04 – very happy, but wish I knew I was closer to breaking 6 minutes.

  17. Caught the morning flight to roanoke, va, worked all day – ate crap muffaletta sandwich for lunch then huge businessman’s steak dinner with bottle of red wine. established that roanoke’s one cfit gym mostly caters to house wives and guys without jobs interested in boudoir and pole dancing classes only a couple of days and hours per week – all for time.

    Need to get to work on my travel wods I guess.

    • sounds “interesting” 😉

  18. Randy (RX) on 04JUN10 – 8:32

  19. […] Compare to 100603. […]

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