Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post times for each round to comments.

Compare to 091101

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  1. The way most of you know to run 800m is fine; start at the back gate, run straight down the driveway to Mell, straight down Mell to Dekalb Avenue, make a left, then run to Salon Red’s front door and back. (running just to Brooks and back will only take you to 775 meters)

  2. I was going to get up and run in the morning anyway, so may do something else at the gym. I’ve been thinking that repeating my inaugural WOD at CF Rx – ‘Gates of Fire’ might be in order since I’m coming close to a year at this gym. I guess the question is when I am ready for such torture again.

  3. I need to start eating better. And by that, I mean less.
    4:20/ 4:27/ 4:28/ 4:32

  4. Erica and I did Normandy instead (12 min AMRAP: 20 DU + 10 24″ Box Jumps + 10 60 lb Weighted Lunges):

    6 rounds even

  5. 2:56/3:03/3:11/3:03
    Ran to gray pole at Salon Red entrance (may be slightly longer than last time)
    Fastest run was 7 seconds slower than last time
    Cumulative time was 30 seconds slower than last time

    Finished with Annie: 7:30 Rx (29 second improvement)

  6. Normandy w/ Mike
    12 min AMRAP
    20 DU + 10 24″ box jumps + 10 40# weighted lunges
    6 rounds + 12dbl unders.

    74I am glad I did this, as it gave me a better apprecaition for what Laura and the other individual athletes experienced during day 1. It is a lot tougher than it looks, and I didn’t do the HSPU buy-in.

    • excuse the 74 typo – I spilled coffee on my keyboard just before I hit send

      • Made this up on fri 6/4.

  7. I just realized that this is my one year anniversary at CFRX – wow, I have gotten so much stronger and faster since then!

    Did the Admiral minus the HSPU buy in
    5 rounds + 20 du + 7 box jumps

    Although the last two rounds were very slow, the 24′ box jumps were almost completely unbroken, which is huge for me!
    Lunges were unbroken but difficult.
    DU were trouble today but I wasn’t using my usual rope (that’s my reasoning anyway 😉

    • Congrats on that anniversary Therese!! 🙂

    • ooops sorry, meant “Normandy”

  8. oh where oh where has my cardio gone.

    Went and did this at the Agnes Scott track

    3:22,3:36,3:32,3:31 – way slower than I have done in past

    • Still pretty darned fast!

  9. Last time: 3:25-3:31-3:31-3:32
    today: 3:20-3:22-3:30-3:23

    the third one had some car interference, luckily no damage was done.

    • Way to go Mac

  10. I did Normandy too, kind of… with the 20 HSPU buy in. However, my ‘buy-in’ was only 7 HSPU after 2 minutes. I shocked myself by struggling to do any more than that.

    Than I only got 4 rounds + 10 Box Jumps, following the standards for Box Jumps from the games. Pretty dismal performance.

    Then I did Overhead Squats 5×3
    and then for a 1RM – 165. Failed on 175, though I know I can do at least 176 when not fatiqued.

    • excuse me, FATIGUED 🙂

  11. 4:12/3:51/3:32/4:43
    (Used the first round as my warm-up)

  12. 3:42/3:56/3:50/3:54 in the blazing sun.

  13. Done on the indoor track at Emory:

    4:45, 5:00, 5:03, 4:50

    On the first and last round, I felt like I was flying! Like I was running *so* fast! I WASN’T.

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