Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 070822.

The Dirty South Regionals are over and Team Rx did great! A big congratulations goes out to Sheryl, Erica, Therese, Zeke, Kelly and Scott for representing us so well in the heat of battle (literally AND figuratively!). Also, kudos to Damon, who worked hard to get the team ready, and who put in many long hours judging throughout the three-day competition. I would like to thank everyone for supporting both myself and our team with all your words of encouragement over these past few days, as well as the months of training that lead up to now; we would not have accomplished all that we have without all of you! Yay, CFRX’ers!

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  1. Wahoo! Congrats Crossfit RX! Congrats Laura! Nice work Damon! And everyone!

    You guys are my heros!

  2. Laura said it all, but I must also add my two cents. First, a HUGE congrats to Laura for giving this competition everything she had. This year’s competition was much stiffer than last year with 7 states in the region vs. the 4 from ’09. I believe that there were 9, or 10 women shuffled in and out of the top 4 throughout the weekend’s events.

    Laura, you fought your ass off for that last spot and I am extremely proud of you for the performance that you put on. Also, being the only PERSON (Male/Female) to clean and jerk all 13 bars was simply amazing. Especially since I’d heard that some of the organizers believed that no one would be able to finish it, or be “crazy” enough to even attempt it…you showed them 😉

    Team CFRx, aka my pack of Honey Badgers, aka “Candler Park Connection” 😉 You all did an amazing job. To say you all exceeded all of my expectations would be an understatement. Finishing in the top 15 on the final workout, and it being (in my opinion) the hardest workout was a thing of beauty. I am very proud of all of you all, and I thank you for putting in the time, effort and hours of sweat to represent CrossFit Rx the way that you all did. It meant a lot to me.

    Lastly, thank you to all of our supporters…those that made the trip, and those that cheered us on from home. Danielle, Joe, Jax, Mac, Pat, Will, Jess and Andrew your encouragement and energy was huge this weekend and it was definitely noticed and gr8ly appreciated 🙂

    When in doubt…”PASS SOMEBODY!” LOL!

  3. Super congrats to Laura! One of the coolest things to witness was when cleaned and jerked every single bar – quite amazing!

    Thanks to all of my teammates for bringing it. I know that we all put everything we had into every workout.

    HUGE thanks to all of the supporters (see list in Damon’s post!) – all of your yelling and encouragement helped so much!

    Lastly, thanks to Damon who helped us prepare, had confidence in us and despite working the entire weekend, still was there for us!

    • I completely agree with what Laura, Damon and Therese say here. This was a very humbling experience… the athletes representing at the games, both individuals and teams are as good, if not better, than many professional sport athletes.

      We have many great stories and memories from the weekend. The cheering section was great! I cannot wait to see the video and hear back the taunts, threats, and encouragement that kept us moving when we thought death had already occured.

      I have already sent an email to my client contacts at Michelin to see if we can get one of those tires 🙂

      • I have now learned that those tires were made at the Lexington, South Carolina factory. They didn’t bite (yet) on my request to have one:)

      • Ditto. What an amazing team. Not just the affiliate team, but the entire RX team. Those who traveled to cheer us on, those who followed from back home, and those who have been encouraging us all throughout the training. Over a year ago, Sheryl asked me if I would ever be interested in competing in a crossfit competition. I gave her an unqualified “no, I have no desire to put myself through that.” Well it turns out I do, when I know that I am going through it with such amazaing people. That was the best part. Zeke, Kelly, Scott, Sheryl, Therese, I loved every minute of our experience together. Damon, so much of my motivation came from the desire to make our awesome coach proud. And Laura, even though we decided we’d understand if you weren’t able to watch our wods because of the pressure you were under, it meant the world to me to have you standing there. And I was so proud to be a Laura DeMarco groupie all weekend. You are amazing. And I have to give a special thanks to Rudy, who is an aweseome trainer and incredible calming force. All of your tips on our lifts and words of encouragement gave us an extra boost of confidence that cannot be overlooked.

        And to think my plan was only to join RX temporarily. I remember hearing through the grapevine that Laura said “she got her muscle-up here. She’s not going anywhere.” Well, you’re right Laura.

        See you all soon!

        • I can’t say it any better. Wonderful. Thank you.

          • I completely agree again!

    • This was soo great to read everyone…I really enjoyed hearing about the competition and about how each of you gave it your all. I am so proud of my gym! Congrats to everyone for all your hard work throughout these past few months. I really wish I could have been there myself to see it but am looking forward to the pictures and video that I am sure will follow. Oh and Erica, I know what you mean about being a Laura groupie at the competitions…haha…so true! It’s great though…like I said before, we have one of the best crossfit communities around!

  4. Welcome back, you amazing people!

    Shoulder presses
    48 x 5
    50 x 5
    51 x 5
    52 x 5
    53 x 4

  5. Will the gym be open at noon today?

    • oh yes, Power Hour is ON 🙂 Welcome home…now time to get even stronger!

  6. Congrats to Laura, Damon and Team Rx on a great weekend.

    First time with shoulder press 5s

  7. Congrates to Crossfit RX’s competitors, it was a pleasure to watch all of you complete and get to know some of you a little better. Thank you for allowing me to share in you experience this past weekend. Your fitness and character is what forging elite athletes is all about. If you guys ever need a training partner for a WOD, please let me know, anytime…Take Care


  8. Congrats again to all of you — you made us proud!

    First time, shoulder presses x5:

    88 – 98 – 103 – 108 x 2 – 108 x 2

  9. Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!! Our ladies return from Florida and start the 1st official summer Power Hour with a brand-new Hero WOD! …now that’s just plain bada$$ 😀
    p.s. looks like training for next year begins…today!

  10. Great to do my first workout back with my lady teammates! Did 5 rounds of “The Sevens” workout. Felt ok to do 7, but simply didn’t want to.

    5 rds
    88# thruster
    55# KB
    154# DL


  11. 5 rounds of the 7’s
    65 lb thruster
    35 lb KB
    133 lb deadlifts

    Body is still recovering from 3 days in the sun…I only did 65 lb thruster because I have not done more than that since my hand broke…also did low deadlift since I have not done any for over 4 weeks…
    Good to be back though!

  12. 3 rds of “The Sevens”

    88# thruster
    55# KB
    154# DL


    Great working out with the lady Rxers. Icing wrist now.

  13. first time doing the shoulder press 5×5 WOD I think. I still can’t believe there are any firsts left these days…

    I failed on round 4, but tried it again with Rudy’s “hip roll” technique and fared better, and even went up for round 5 (or 6, I guess)

    I then went for a 1RM. I failed on 154, but succeeded on 145lb. That’s my new PR.

    I lost ALL my computer records relating to timing and PRs from the last 3 years. Kelly gave me good advice to simply start fresh… so lots of work, but I kind of like a clean slate. Part of my motivation also stems from having to complete that registration from for the regionals and not knowing the answers to the stats, like max pullups, etc.

    So, with that in mind, I went for a max pullup count. I got 30, but I know I can do more when shoulders are not worn out.

    • Nice work Scott. I started with a clean slate in about January and it’s kinda refreshing.

  14. 110-132-142-154(4f)-147

  15. 132

    • wow.

      • Yeah – wow

  16. 33-38-43-48-55

  17. 66, 76, 88, 88, 93

  18. Forgot to put yesterday

    Accidently started with 132, meant to practice 88 but counted wrong.

    So did 132 – 142 – 152(4) and 152(3). Tweaked back on first 152.

    Then worked on snatches and muscle ups.

  19. 38, 43, 48, 53, 58 x 2

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