* Regionals! *


The Dirty South Regionals are here! That means a lot of us will be out of town competing or spectating, but Michaelsaurus will keep the home fires burning! Hours will be as follows:

Thursday, May 27: normal hours

Friday, May 28: 4-7pm only

Saturday, May 29: normal hours

Sunday, May 30: normal hours


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  1. good luck at regionals EVERYONE and ESP LAURA

    • GO CFRX!!!!!

  2. Hi Y’all! Good luck to Laura and Team Crossfit RX. I’ll be routing for everyone. I’m back in town for the next few days, so I hope to see some folks at the gym. Jrube

  3. hey gang…Regional WODs are posted!! Go get the 411 on that Florida fun 🙂

  4. I am so excited for our Team and our Coach!!! I can’t wait to see how the weekend turns out! Good luck and we will all be rooting for you!

  5. Go CFRx Team! We are all rooting for you!! Good luck, I know you will kick some butt!

  6. CFRX team, you guys rock!!! Good luck! You should be very proud!

  7. Good luck team CFRX!!! You guys are better athletes than you know. Unfortunately, I won’t be there but all my thoughts are with you. I’ll be keeping track online.

  8. All,
    I’ll still be here Friday morning and am getting a work out in before I head to jax. That being said, CFRx will be open Friday May 28th from 7-9. If no one is at the gym by 8 then I am leaving. So if you want to work out be at the gym no earlier than 6:45 and no later than 8:00.


    • Mac, sorry I would have come in this morning but I just noticed this post. I’ve been checking the hours up above on the header.

  9. Thanks all for your encouragement! We are feeling very good and get wait to get going on wod number 1. We stopped by the site yesterday to check out the pullup bars and were surprised by the monstrous tires we will be flipping tomorrow. Someone told us they are 500 pounds each!! This is crazy but fun!! Wish u all could see it!

    • Send pictures!
      We’re all thinking of you!

  10. Go Team RX!!
    Day 1 update: Everyone who competed tonight PR’d on their clean&jerks!! Zeke & Kelly cleaned 224 & jerked 215 while Sheryl got 130 & Erica 140! Insane!! Also of note: Zeke & Sheryl rocked out 49 c2b pullups and Erica & Kelly 54…whoo, makes me tired just typing that! 🙂
    What an awesome way to start the weekend!

    • Yes! They all did great. We are 27th out of 48. Tomorrow is tire flips/jump through burpees…and the individual events start.
      If I can find a free wifi, I will post pics. This hotel charges $12.95/day?!
      Thanks for all the good vibes!

    • Amazing! The tire event sounds cool. I’d love to see some video. Good luck today!!!!!

    • Not fa nothin’ but make the C&J 145lbs for me. My math skills under pressure need work, but the liftin’ wasn’t too shabby. 15lb PR.

      • Sheryl, that’s wild! Congrats!

  11. Great Job everyone. Way to represent. Alright Laura – time to kick some a$$

  12. I’ll be tweeting regularly. I’ll use #crossfitRx. Also my user is TheDoche.


  14. http://yfrog.com/jy8u9vj


  15. Let me just say from my perspective, that the tire flipping Burpee insanity this afternoon was one of the hardest damn things I’ve done with CrossFit. We managed a 10:40 time – right about the middle of the pack. I will never look at a tire the same way again.

    Watching Laura win the first WOD this morning was the highlight of the day!

    • OMG! I totally underestimated the tire wod. All that flipping and jumping made the burpees SO difficult. But I wouldn’t have wanted to suffer that with anyone else

      and watching Laura squat clean AND jerk EVERY bar was AWESOME!
      Plus she did awesome on the other two wods too!

      Tomorrow the team rows at 10:00 and then does the final wod at 11:15.

  16. Laura is currently in 4th overall!!!

  17. Yay crossfit RX. How awesome to pr on Clean and jerks…Cheryl and Erica, congrats…I can’t imagine jerking that much weight!

    So excited to hear about Laura being only competitor to get every bar. That is just great. Can’t wait to hear more! Good luck tomorrow everyone!

  18. Yay Laura, and go team!!!

    p.s. Why is CFNA calling itself “Team Cockdiesel”?

  19. Did I just see that correctly? Team RX finished #6 after a great row on the last event.

    Congrats everyone, that’s fantastic!

  20. I can’t figure this out — it looks like the team is ranked 14th under Final Score but 22nd Overall??? What does this mean?

  21. I think final score is final event. They moved up 5 places today – how awesome is that. I think Laura is competing now.

  22. L is CALI bound!

  23. Great job Laura and Team RX! Very proud to be an RXer today.

  24. Proud of all of you! Whoo hoo, Laura!!

  25. Great job Coach Laura!! 🙂

  26. The Regionals are winding down… quite an amazing trip. Team Rx did extremely well when you really look at some of the competing teams (they were some amazing, elite athletes).

    I think each of us pushed ourselves farther, heavier, faster, or harder on everything we did this weekend. We have the heavy PRs and speed PRs to back that up.

    I can’t wait to do more.

    Congrats to Laura!

    • GREAT WORK Team RX!! 🙂

  27. YAY! I love all our Rx peeps. Congrats to al those representin’ us!

  28. Congrats!!!


    You of course know that our gym is diverse, out of the ordinary, badass and has texture. Well, all of it was reflected by our team.

    Team Rx factoids. We are:
    Average age: 37
    Average weight: 145 lbs
    Average height: 5’5″
    Among us we have about 10 kids
    And…we had a blast doin’ our thang!!

    As for Laura, unless you were there I don’t think you can know how impressive her performance was. The competition had a CRAZY level of intensity and talent this year. It’s a new ballgame. But she brought it!! Congrats LD!

    • 😀 😀 😀 I love our gym!

    • LOL. I love it! This team profile in context of the other teams makes this even more meaningful. At times I thought I was competing against professional football players

    • Welcome home you all!

    • Don’t forget about the broken hand too… 😉

  30. Congrats Laura and Team RX!

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