Thursday, May 27, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. OMG, she looks just like Kelly!

  2. Love that little girl!!!! Her first trip to the beach is this weekend! A crossfit trip….trying to lead by example

  3. Mr. Kelly you are blessed.

  4. How adorable!!!!

  5. When I did my squat stretch, she walked over and squatted next to me for a bit, then sat down on an abmat. Then she walked around the gym with one shoe on and one off. Then she discovered the chalk bucket.

  6. Great Pic!

    Thanks for the coaching this AM Michael!

    Good luck this weekend Team RX!!!! Keep us updated.

  7. Soooo cute, will look forward to seeing her in Jax!
    Thanks everyone for the support and we’ll keep you updated!

  8. Michael convinced me to try Connor this morning.
    20 min amrap
    5 dead lifts
    5 hang power cleans
    5 front squats
    5 push presses
    5 back squats
    all with 45#
    15 rounds

    Good luck in Jacksonville

    • for those who haven’t “met” connor before, completing all listed sets of 5 movements 1 time = 1 round….so with 15 rounds aaron completed 375 lifts @ 45#…pretty darn strong performance!

  9. Too cute – GO TEAM RX!!!!

    Michael – Are you going to be there at noon?

    • Power Hour was on…but turned out to just be me…was feelin’ a bit lonely there getting my dose of L-sits etc. 🙂 sorry i didn’t check the blog sooner B

      • No worries – it was the excuse I was looking for bailing. See you all next week.

  10. I was crazy to walk out this morning promising Michael to come back this afternoon. It’s my *rest* day! I know I didn’t do Fran, but I did 3 good WODS in a row and my legs are really starting to feel it. Maybe I can just practice pull ups later. I need to retract my “I can do an unassisted pull up” statement til I can get better range of motion– starting with arms fully extended.

    Bummed the Regionals aren’t being webcast. Send tweets! Good Luck everyone!

    • Came in this afternoon and just did skill work–Michael helped me with the beginning of my kip. Gotta get the swing down. Thanks, Michael!

      • you’re a fighter for sure. nice work today J…it’s days like today that’ll make so many in the future a breeze! 😉

  11. Go team RX!

    I am finally home, went to my MRI and have discovered that I have a torn Posterior lateral corner also known as something about a poplio-yadda yadda. Surgery needed- however they are going to wait until I get back from Kuwait (mission first!). Until then, an awesome robo-kneebrace for running.

    Good luck this weekend!

    • Glad you’re back, Caitlin, and sorry about the yadda yadda surgery! How soon is Kuwait?

  12. Hey everyone,
    First of all…what an adorable picture! She is too cute!

    I haven’t seen many people in person to share the news cause work has been so busy. But, I am going to be moving to Seattle! Ian and I both have been looking at different opportunities and things have fallen into place nicely in Seattle. I have been looking at graduate schools for MSW and Univ of WA has a really great program and Ian got a job at Amazon that was just too good to pass up.

    The city is pretty fantastic and while I am super excited to explore a new city in a different part of the country, I also realize that our gym is a rare and wonderful place and I am going to seriously miss the gym and everyone that makes up our little community. It is so sad to leave Crossfit Rx!

    Anyway, I want to have a little party to celebrate and say goodbye. I will also send out a facebook invite with the details. But for those who check the blog regularly, the details are below.
    When: Friday June 4th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
    Where: Six Feet Under, on Memorial Dr.
    Join for dinner, or drinks, or just stop by.

    • Sorry to see you go, but Seattle really is wonderful. I have family there; maybe we can crossfit sometime!

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