Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Time:
185 pound barbell, Shoulder to overhead, 20 reps
40 Burpees

Partition as needed, any order.

Craig Knight 2:42. Jason Khalipa 2:55. Elyse Umeda 3:13. Post time to comments.

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  1. I believe the women’s weight used at the competition was 115.

  2. Super cool photo! Must be some kind of new app …

    • 😉


  4. Push jerks at 115 lbs in 4 sets of 5;
    Was worried about shoulder, elbow and wrist but they held up and I believe I could have done more weight — I never know until I’m done.

    Burpees unbroken.


  5. Sub 3 minutes is just crazy Talk!

  6. 9:57, RX

    I did this in 4 rounds of 5 PJ’s and 10 burpees. Push Jerks were heavy; first round unbroken; one at a time on last round.

    • Sounds like a good way to break it up.

      • Inspired by you, I worked on my du’s after the workout today. I got 15 unbroken (that’s a new PR). Of course I’m still doing the double/single combo, but it’s improvement nonetheless.

        • Congrats on your 15 unbroken!! 😀

          p.s. I inspired someone! Yay!

        • Woot, glad to see the du!

    • Fantastic on the wod, Pat, plus the DUs!

  7. 115#, 5:42
    Split 10/20,5/10,5/10
    Mainly split jerks, some push jerks, and push presses mixed in

    • Wow — we got exactly the same time!

  8. very tough wod assigned by damon, made tougher by a migraine. i am happy to have gotten through it, and actually feel a little better.

    5 rds
    21 SDHP (65#)
    15 Burpees
    9 Thrusters(65#)

    21:something…can’t remember exact time.

    • Amazing, Erica. Migranes be gone!!

  9. Whoa!!! Totally impressed by the CFRx Team Practice today. Yall completely exceeded my expectations and looked gr8 doing it 🙂

    Sorry about the heat, but you all will thank me next weekend, LOL!!

  10. Tough day at CFRX! First came todays HQ WOD, which was super heavy, I felt like my body was going to crumble under the bar everytime I cought it in my rack….managed to finish though, in 10:37 I think. Then (15 minutes later) came the team WOD. 5 rounds of pure shitstorm!
    21 SDLHP’s 95#
    15 burpees
    9 Thruters 95#

    Brushing my teeth with a shotgun is more enticing than this WOD!

    • shitstorm is the word. truly the perfect description

      • Thanks for takin’ one for the team, guys! I appreciate all the extra hard work all of you are doing.

  11. I agree… did the Team WOD in 24:45. I tracked the times for each of the 5 rounds, started off real strong and limped to the finish line.

    One week!

    • I think I crawled to the finish 😉

      • your crawl was mere seconds after my limp:) We all did damn good!

  12. 10:57, 77# – splits: 5/40 burpees/15

    tried for under 10 but it just wasn’t going to happen-thanks to everyone who pushed me to get under 11

    • You were really pushing and that’s what counts!

  13. 65 lbs overhead one way or another and broken up more than the burpees

  14. First, today’s WOD with 77 lb – 5:03 split 5/10 for all

    Then, team practice: 25:??….was very pleased as thrusters at 65 are HARD for me…thanks everyone for the great cheering at the end….really showing the team spirit!

    The best part is that my hand is feeling great! Thanks to everyone for the great vibes!!

  15. 9:37 – Rx weight

    This may be the first and last time I beat Kelly in time for something.

  16. Made this WOD up today.

    55 lbs., sets of 5 and 10 (can’t even imagine doing all 20 jerks in a row)


  17. 55# shoulder to overhead


  18. 154#
    Went too heavy and my neck is paying for it today.

  19. Team WOD:
    5 rounds of pure shitstorm!
    21 SDLHP’s 66#
    15 burpees
    9 Thruters 66# (unbroken except last round 4/5)
    >20mins; <22mins

    Made up this WOD on Sat.
    8:50 w/ 115#
    5/5; 6/5; 4/5; 3/5; 2/20

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