Tuesday, May 18, 2010


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

Post time to comments.

Compare toΒ 091029.

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  1. Did a late WOD tonight. Realized that I really need work on proper MU’s. I’ve really struggled executing a MU that would count in a competition…turning the wrists out at the bottom is hard as shit as it turns out.
    Did 20 min AMRAP:
    5 MU’s (full lockout)
    10 BW Benchpress 145#
    15 Toes2Bar

    5rds + 5MU’s

    • Ha! “as it turns out”…that’s funny!

    • Nice work Kelly. That turnout is a whole other exercise. I agree that it’s the important way to train, especially seeing who’s out there nowadays.

  2. Went to crossfit Boston yesterday. Did clean & jerks 5×2. They were really great & made suggestions for my split jerk which improved while I trained. They’re whole programming follows the strength bias program, dividing the workouts between beginner/intermediate/advanced in their execution.

    Clean & jerks (split jerk)

    cleans felt strong and jerks improved with attempts. Couldn’t stay for the met-con (imagine, I had somewhere else to be) so I had to cut out early!!

    Great energy and friendly crew. Look for their team members who will be competing this weekend at the northeast regionals.

  3. Somehow I left out a round

  4. Annie (Rx):
    7:55 PR

    9 minutes faster than October. : )

    • WOW!!!!

    • Yeah. WOW!

      • See what you guys miss when you sleep in? ; )

        • Jeez, Mike, I knew you were fast but what an improvement! Thanks for encouraging me to do the DUs. I did. πŸ™‚

        • sorry about that! we had a team wod at 10

    • Now that there’s a PR!

  5. Annie (RX): 7:59
    All DUs unbroken (alternating singles and doubles)
    Sit-ups abmat anchored.
    Not sure what my previous time was, but I’m pretty sure this is a PR

  6. Rx: 17:12

    A lot slower than on the box, and a good reason to practice double unders!


    Muscle Up Practice w/ Turnout
    x 3 Unbroken
    x 4 Unbroken
    x 7 Unbroken(PR)…finally felt good enough to go max reps. Turnout isn’t that bad, but I can see it being a problem on untaped rings.

    KTB Swings (70#)
    GHD Sit Ups

    15:58 For some reason, felt really sick after first round…whatever, I got through it.

    Shoulder Press
    132-154-164-170(6lbs under PR)

    Got my ass handed to me in the “Power Hour” 😦
    My first time not PR’ing on “Annie”…I must blame the GHD’s from yesterday, because the AbMat Sit Ups destroyed me royally…

    8:18 (1:14 slower than last time)

    • …was still a good fight today—nice way to “power” through!

  8. 16:06, Rx

  9. 10:17 (box)

    one day i will master DUs cause box jumps are killer.

    • Yep, you need to do that πŸ˜‰

  10. “Power Hour” recap:
    2 GREAT waves of “Annie” with ropes zipping everywhere! This of course followed the team’s playtime, so the indoor air quality of Rx was an almost perfect simulation of the cozy (read: warm & moist) Florida atmosphere one might expect next week πŸ™‚ And with all of the folks jumping & crunching, we had the crowd too! So cool to see everyone doing such awesome work!

    A stray thought re: situps…whether anchored or no, using your whole body is probably more efficient that just letting your arms hang there–think of throwing those arms up (like “arm kipping”) & to your ankles–…anyway, it’s just a thought πŸ˜‰

    Also, it’s good to be back!

    • First time with Annie
      I think I like her. Thanks Nick for pushing me πŸ™‚

      • I should thank you for pushing me! 7:04. Trying to keep up with you was hell! I hit my head on the floor during situps in my fervor to catch you. YOU COST ME BRAIN CELLS

        • Lol! sorry, i know you need those for studying too πŸ˜‰

        • nice work you two!

  11. 9:24 Rx PR (DUs left lots of rm for improvement)

    Squat snatch: 86# (almost got 96# but not enough depth and definite press out)

    • You rock!

  12. 15:46

  13. 12:21 Rx and a whopping big PR

    The last time I did Annie was in January on a rest day. It was my first time with double unders instead of box jumps, and it took me 40 minutes.

    I love Annie.

    • now, that’s a serious PR!

    • That’s an awesome time!

    • Thanks!! πŸ˜€ Finally something I’m good at!

      • yay terri!!

    • Impressive!

  14. 16:33 PR on a box (2 25K and 1 5K plates)

    • Great time! Especially considering you’re just coming back after being sick and out of town.

    • Like!

  15. 9:22

    I think the DUs are starting to stick. (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!)

  16. 17:22

  17. Made this up today: 14:25

    Also did my first unassisted pull-up!

  18. Made this up on 5/19
    7:55 PR by 2:33

  19. Made up Annie on Thursday.

    Double unders are getting progressively better. I got 3 consecutive ones. Damon reminded me not to get too hung up on getting consecutives and just try to work on the singles..which does help me get more of them faster than restarting every time.


  20. Made this up this morning. Don’t think I’ve done Annie before. Not very fast on a box. 13:53

  21. […] toΒ 100518. WOD Demo with Dave Castro with GHD sit-ups – video [wmv] [mov] From the Vault: Chris […]

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