Thursday, May 6, 2010

Complete as many rounds in seven minutes as you can of:
95 pound Squat clean, 10 reps
20 Sit-ups

The standard for the sit-up is feet anchored, back of the hands touch the ground above your head on the bottom, and hands touch the anchor at the top. No Abmat.

Jason Khalipa 7 rounds. Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

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  1. Rx: 3 rounds + 8 squat cleans

  2. A couple of weeks ago when we did the 500m Row intervals I thought to myself: “Self, I think you can crack the 1:30 mark if you REALLY wanted to…” I did a 1:34 that day, which was just 2 seconds of my PR that I set almost 3 years ago when we were training at CFATL. So, today I got motivated. Didn’t warm up, just put my shoes on, jumped down and went for it. What do ya’know? I cranked out a 1:28 500m!! PR by 2 seconds and the FASTEST time that I’ve ever seen in person! It hurt like hell though…

    After that I did the following…

    “The Volkswagon”
    Body Weight Bench Press (211#)
    Pull Ups

    This was surprisingly slow for me, I think the tequila and Dos Equis caused a bit of muscle fatigue 😦

    • My bad…4 second PR 🙂

      • Congrats Damon!

      • FAST!! It does sound painful. Congrats.

      • Excellent!

      • We heard the groan at the end 😉

        • that wasn’t a groan — that was his intestinal track failing. GOOD WORK DAMON

      • wow…thats insane! So fast!

        • DUDE….not fair!

    • WOW… and after rowing your boat to shore so quickly!! Gr8 Work! 🙂
      (btw, what model of vw? if this is the bug, i’d hate to see what the vanagon looks like)

    • Thanks Family! It hurt, but was worth it 🙂 Funny thing is I think I can go faster. The first 150 was at a 1:19-1:20 pace, so if I could just maintain a little bit of that there maybe another PR?? @Michael, I don’t know what kind of VW it was but it hurt my feelings…courtesy of CF Football!

      • …I’m just freakin impressed that you’d do a wod w/ 45 body-weight bench presses AFTER that awesome row…

        • …also, gotta luv cf football 🙂

  3. If I had realized I would be that close to finishing a round, I would have been faster! 7 minutes isn’t that long. 55lbs – not always very controlled – but I didn’t hurt myself.
    2 rounds + 10 + 10

    • How is it without the abmat?

      • I didn’t notice any difference while doing them….

        • Yes, not much difference. I might prefer no abmat. But a cushion to bang the hands against might help.

          • Interesting, because I always prefer the abmat -seems harder on my low back without it. Probably small differences in build make a big difference in this arena.

  4. Used a 35 lb dumbell in my right hand
    4 rounds + 8

    • the good news is that I have only a very small splint and I can move all of my fingers!

      • super tough!

  5. Rx, 3 rounds + 6 squat cleans

  6. Felt oddly strong today, although I am over squats.

    RX – 4 rounds even

    First round done in 1 minute, last round took final 2:20.

  7. Talked to a guy today that said his local CrossFit does not accept/allow clients over 50 years old. Your thoughts?

    • Why the hell not? My thoughts are: 1. This makes me mad!! 2. Yet another reason CFRX is the best of all gyms. 3. Grrrr!!!! 4. Just because a person owns a business does not mean he/she isn’t a moron. 5. Grrrr!!!

      I’ll be 50 in December, dammit.

    • Some of you know my mantra: crossfit is “fun,” but at the end of the day are we living to crossfit or crossfitting to live. For me it’s clearly that latter — in which case this makes NO sense.

    • Lord have mercy! We need it the most!

      • OMG! Saying “Lord have mercy” made me sound so old!

        • haha…thats funny Joy.

    • I think that is nuts… and I love the diversity in ages at the gym. It is particularly fun to see “older” people do very well at WODS

      • and by CF standards, I think I’m old

        • Just look at that dude who kicked ass at sectionals from Crossfit Pulse….he’s like 55+ with 6 kids, which makes him like 75

    • How old is this jackass? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in … oh, almost a year. It’s dumb on so many levels. It’s dumb from a health/fitness and fitness perspective; it’s dumb from a business perspective. It’s just plain dumb. And offensive! I’d like to take my 49-year old self to his gym and kick his ass.

      • I’m in, Pat!!

      • HAHAHAHAHA! Love your post on so many levels. 😉

        Interesting though, upon one’s 50th b-day do you get dismembered? lol

      • You go girl!!!

    • That is a shame not to let someone over 50 in on the fun and health benefits. I mean that is what makes CF so great is that you can scale it down or crank it to the heavens allowing each person to grow.

      Well I better hurry up and get the MU before some places send me out to pasture to rot.

      I guess they did not see the Grandmother hitting the WOD at the main site.

  8. 3 rnd + 6 squat cleans. Rx

  9. Did today’s HQ wod. 5 rounds plus 9 situps. My legs felt so bad afterwards. The pain was incredible!! That is why I am sitting on the patio enjoying a corona right now….ahhhhhh

    • Well deserved, Zeke!

  10. 2 rounds 43# + 3 cleans

    I was sore and tired going into this, and my legs didn’t want to participate. I’m sure it’s because I’m so very elderly and had left my walker at home.

    • Ha. Enjoy these last few months of crossfit in case you get kicked out in December when you turn 50.

  11. possibly my worst crossfit performance since the first couple of weeks, something about doing this in my basement is so not motivating… 2 rounds + 10 squat cleans at 95lbs Rx. slightly embarrassing for me – thanks for the blog for keeping me honest on this one.

  12. 3 rounds + 2 sq cleans, 65# All sit ups were unbroken, but spent a fair amount of time just looking at the dang bar! Overall, I really liked this wod.

    As for the no people at crossfit over 50 rule…it just seems completely unreasonable. What could possibly be the justification for making that rule except for ageism? Weird. Plus, pretty contrary to a lot of what I believe crossfit stands for. Although there are some gyms that have separate girls and boys classes-boys get to lift things and girls get to do cardio-what??–so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Screw that crap (PG-13 version of what I really want to say-hehe)

    Oh and Cheryl, I really like your philosophy!

  13. 3 Rrds + 4 Squat Cleans Rx

  14. 3 rounds even

  15. RX, 3 rounds

  16. rx 2 rounds + 4

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