Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Dave Lipson 330, 350, 375, 405, 416. Compare to 091130.

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  1. I’m having a bad week. My one goal for tomorrow: GO TO THE GYM. Go go go. Go. Gym.

    • GO!

    • I did it! It’s a miracle!!! Made up yesterday’s WOD. Yay me!

      • And you did awesome!

  2. “Pick yours up!”
    “No, you pick YOURS UP…”
    “I insist, ladies first!!”
    “Screw you, ace before beauty!”
    “But mine is heavier…”
    “So, this is my first day back!”
    “After the pic??”

    • ha!

    • …that’s too good! 😀

    • I get it now Damon…sorry a little slow on the uptake! Haha. This is really funny! Quite the creative one aren’t you?!


    if you’re digging for motivation, you will find it all here! Sad, but inspiring and reminds you of the impermanence of life. Gotta chase those PRs while we can!

    • Yeah, I read some of that yesterday….how sad!

  4. Skipped front squats today because I did them on Sunday. Worked on double-unders and then did “Grace”, 4:41 RX. Finished the first 10 in 1 minute and then lost some steam. Thanks to Mac and all the 6 am’ers for the encouragement. Off to Cincinnati!

    • You were lookin’ strong, Erica!

      • Strong like a monster!

        • ha. thanks ladies! (what did we do before inflight internet??)

  5. Haven’t done front squats much. Felt like I was having a little easier time with the depth although it’s always challenging not falling forward. Pleased with the progress.

  6. Frontsquats
    77/82/87/92/97 PR

    Ring holds
    :54, 1:01, 1:01, 1:00, :48

  7. Front squats:
    110 – 132 – 154 F – 142 – 147 PR

    Mac says I’m arching my back — not good. Concentrate on elbows up and leaning back into the heels, esp. when coming up.

  8. Did two things I’ve never done before.

    Grace (Rx)- 7:10
    Ring holds – :46,:36,:34,:34,:34

    New appreciation for the times Erica and Therese put up earlier today. BADASSES!

  9. So maybe I shouldn’t have been so grumpy this evening…

    FS 115×3

    I haven’t front-squated very often but only recorded PR was for a 1 rep which was 109 so PR by a bunch:-)

    • Like, like, like!

    • Yeah, you are strong!

  10. Made this up on the rest day. My PR from last May was 75#. Next time this comes up, I’ll start at 60 or 65#.

    55, 60, 65f, 65, 70

  11. Front Squats:
    110 – 132 – 154 – 176 – 181pr (but it was ugly)

  12. 87-97-109-111-113×2-99 (113 bout killed me)

  13. Made up at Power Hour

    154-176-198-220-235(2x then fail), but I had to beat Mac and got 230 (PR by 22)

    • Dang it! I thought I set the bar high enough. Oh well. Good work Bryan.

  14. […] Compare to 100428. […]

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