Monday, April 26, 2010

For time:
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Muscle-ups
40 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
8 Muscle-ups
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
6 Muscle-ups
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
4 Muscle-ups
10 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
2 Muscle-ups

Graham Holmberg 10:27. Post time to comments.

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  1. That just sucks. : C

  2. No motivation this morning. Couldn’t get a muscle-up, so did the pull-up/dip sub.


  3. 14# WB
    subbed pullups and dips for the muscle-ups.


    • red+tiny for pullups
      blue for dips

  4. Work! Pull ups with new red. Dips with old red. 12# wall ball to 8’target
    29:48 Oddly my time was exactly the same as for prior workout.

  5. Subbed pull-ups/dips for muscle-ups
    Started dips unassisted, gave up about halfway through first round of 30 dips and switched to tiny band. Continued with tiny band until it broke about halfway into second round of 24 dips. Did the remainder of the dips unassisted as singles.

  6. Rx at 71 minutes. That’s about my longest time for any CrossFit WOD but I just feel good to have finished it.

    • I’m stll in awe:)

    • Wow. Now that’s tenacity. Congratulations!

    • That’s awesome Mike

    • Wow! Way to stick to it!! 🙂

      • Thanks, guys! For some reason my stubborn streak kicked in today and I just didn’t want to give up. Getting sore already, though. Hope tomorrow is something easy (-er).

        • I am so impressed.

  7. Check out the pics from this weekend!

  8. Big thanks to you guys for coming out this weekend…We are going to do two WODs this weekend if you want to join…10am and probably a 12…let us know if you are going to join in the madness…

    • Toby, it was a blast! Thanks for having us.

    • Thanks for the invite Toby! Our folks had a blast, and it was gr8 seeing some new CF faces!!

    • Yep, definitely want to do it again! It was a lot of fun!

  9. check it out…the owner of gym i went to in cali put me on the website. I am telling you, he was so incredibly nice.

    • Cool. I like what he wrote about you.

    • You’re a monster!

    • bada$$ pic!! 🙂

    • Everybody loves Erica! They can’t have you though — you’re all ours!

      • aww, so sweet.

        I have never been called a monster before. I kinda like it.

    • AWWWWwwww, WRONG T-SHIRT!!!! :-p

  10. Today I am unwilling to face the soul-crushing brutality of 150 wall ball shots.

    Maybe next time …

  11. Mike was my inspiration today…

    88:44 Minutes. MY longest time ever. I wish I could put an Rx after this, but I got stuck on the last 4 muscle ups. All in all, not bad since this is the 1st time I’ve done them in a WOD and only the 2nd time being successful at doing them at all.

    After the 1st round, I felt like I had the hang of muscle ups. I started to calculate a success ratio (successes/attempts). Round 4 destroyed me.

    (10) – ?
    (8) – 67%
    (6) – 60%
    (4) – 6% – this is where I fell apart… only did 2 of 4 and then switched to pullups/dips so I could finish before they gym closed and before I needed skin grafts

    • that was something like 40 attempts to get 2 on round (4) 🙂

    • Great effort!!!

    • Way to go, Scott! I know what you feel like. My wrists, elbows, even the soles of my feet hurt. Let’s hope they don’t pull a repeat of this one any time soon!

    • AWESOME!! Great effort man!

    • Yep, you were def going for it and it was so fun to see the succeses!

  12. Wow, that is fantastic to stick with it like that. Way to go, Scott & Mike!!

    • Thx, Joy!

  13. 10# WB
    blue band ring dips
    red band pull-ups


  14. Used tiny for dips – 31:14

  15. Not feeling it tonight…couldn’t really get in the mood! Too much coffee…I think it backfired on me.

    Did todays WOD: 16:50

    • 16:50 and not feeling it??? Amazing, Kelly.

      • yeah, seriously:) Not feeling it? You could have not felt it 5 times and still beat my time. I felt every minute of it!;)

        • LOL!!

  16. Tiny for dips
    Will be doing WBS every day for the next month…
    At first was depressed with my WB but thinking that 6 mos. ago, I did 12 lb WB and was slower, I feel a sense of accomplishment.
    Much improvement to happen.

  17. 32:08

    dips w/ tan band
    14 wb

  18. 45:46

    Red Band for PU’s and dips.

  19. 38:48 Pull Ups and Dips

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