Sunday, April 18, 2010

Complete as many rounds in 12 minutes as you can of:
50 pound dumbbell Weighted pull-up, 3 reps
Sprint 50 meters
3 Ring handstand push-ups

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

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  1. I gotta get this ring HSPU thing….how hard can it be??

    • I’m going to go with super hard, and what’s the mod/alt on this one?

  2. 30# DB for the pull-ups
    Decline ring push-ups from 41″
    8 rounds + 3 pull-ups

  3. Ugh…could only do 3 rounds. Doing 1 successful pull-up using only the tiny band became difficult after the 1st round. Did ring push-ups from my knees.

  4. 9 rds + 3 pullups + run

    ring pushups from knees, red band for pullups.

  5. Tried ring plank pushups but became impossible so I had a few sprinkled in but rest were from knees. Used old red band for pull ups. Then an hour of biking on this gorgeous day.
    8 rds + 1 pull up

  6. Used old red band; the 3rd pull up in each round was below the bar. Ring push ups (knees) were much improved. 7 rounds.

    Then won a doubles match 6-0, 6-2.

    Michael: Jabari says you’re the nicest guy he’s ever met. I agree.

    • 🙂 that made my day T…hope your match was Awesome!

  7. the ring hspu thing is tough for sure, don’t let kelly fool anyone. got inverted into this against the wall, but just can’t do the push up yet. kelly’s method looked good though without the wall… give me time.

    9 rounds + 3 + run with a 45lb dumbell

  8. 6 rounds + 2 PUs (25#/45″)

  9. 35 lb dumbbell
    Ring pushups off 52.5″ box
    9 rounds + 1 pullup

    Ring pushups were easy — didn’t seem to matter how high I made the box. Pullups were difficult because they are so awkward. Finally figured out a method about two-thirds into the WOD.

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