Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For time:
Row 500 meters
150 Double-unders
50 Burpees

Post time to comments.

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  1. Subbed 150 20-inch box jumps for the elusive double-unders:

    Stayed late and Mac worked with me on double-unders. Actually got 19 unbroken with his advice! Found the key for me is keeping my body straight and vertical from head to knee and pulling my ankles up behind me, instead of pulling my knees up in front and ducking under the rope. Practice, practice, practice.

    • No more subbing du for you!

    • good for you, Mike.

      • Elusive how and why? You’ve been DUs for MONTHS. Practice is cool, but you have to do them in workouts to get better. They may not be as fast and as easy as you want, but you can do them.

        For everyone, if you are able to do something (even if it’s not as well, or as fast as you want) you should be doing it! GHD sit ups, taller box hops, lighter bands for pull ups, plank push ups, double unders etc…Subs and Alts are only for those that are unable to do the movement!

        • L,D,M- I would like to know the key to success for DUs too! Reading Mike’s comment – I think I have the same problem.

          • Everybody has their own style that works for them, kinda like pull ups. Regardless if you go heels up, knees up, “donkey butt”, or single/double/single/double, it’s all about timing and rhythm. You must listen to your rope and time your jumps accordingly. If you get your first, or are just getting your first and then you just start trying to go fast, it’s not going to work for you. Consistency before intensity, that applies to everything. Practice, practice, practice! Try all styles…personally I do them all depending how I’m feeling at the time.

    • Go Mike!

    • uh, I think those were 15″ box hops. Just saying…

    • …”donkey butt” ?? 🙂

      • Yup, you’ve seen it 🙂

        • Okay, Damon, I get your point and I know I *should* have done the DUs — but honestly I knew the box jumps were going to give me a better workout today because I could push myself harder and not have to stop every effing time I tried a DU. I’ve been trying to get DUs in warmup but they just haven’t been coming and I wanted to work hard today. I think I made progress today and next time they come up I’ll tackle the DUs, even if they slow me down.

  2. Rx: 11:52

  3. rx: 14:25

  4. Rx, 21:13

  5. rx 14:12

    Nice picture of Jessica too!

  6. This one whooped me! (literally, i have jumprope marks on my bum)

    Rx – 26:58

  7. I think we were saying 20″ box this morning but isn’t the little black box only 15″?
    I subbed box hops on plates stacked to height of the short black box.

    • Yes, Joy you are correct. My bad.

  8. sub 50 SDHPs (45#) for 500m row

    …2day slow work was better than no work :-}

  9. Did box jumps instead of double-unders


  10. Rx 😀 (I so rarely get to say that!) 25:??

    Forgot to write down my time. I’ll fill it in tomorrow so I’ll have a benchmark on the blog. A blogmark.

    • Awesome T!!

    • Rx! Rx! Way to go, Terri!

    • Thanks Mike and Michael, Michael and Mike!!


  11. The Gym is good….
    Tonight turned out to be a “snatch” oriented night…Which is my kind of night!!

    Hang Power Snatch 8×2
    to Snatch Balance 8×2
    felt good so worked on singles and got 152#, and 157# with a bit of a press out

  12. Did the hang power snatch to snatch balance (8×2). Started at 98# and realized I could do more so on round 3 Ioaded 110#. after that I rowed 1000m in 4:03.

    While I was warming up I pulled a muscle in my back doing double unders. Tho I made 81 consecutive i still am in discomfort. Hopefully it will relieve itself before tomorrow. I’m torn because I love the DT wod. Maybe I’ll do a double!!

  13. Rx 16:51

    I’m starting to see some light at the end of the DU tunnel!

  14. Hadn’t planned on doing this one until I turned the clock on. Not happy with the time, the first 50 Double Unders took too long.

    As Rx 13:49

  15. 23:43

  16. sub 500 meter row for 500 m run. 14:01 DU’s 10 at a time.

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