Thursday, March 25, 2010

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 091228.

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  1. Alternates will be available for those that are not yet comfortable with this movement 🙂

  2. Night WOD – Did the:
    CTB Pull ups
    Box Hops (30″)
    GHD Sit-ups

    Needed a good WOD…Felt pretty good tonight so I subbed the 30″ box for a 42.5″ box. CTB’s were unbroken. Finished in 11:39 with some jammin tunes playin that Damon would most likely not be proud of. But best of all no headaches!!


    • …leaping tall buildings in a single bound…niiiice! headed to Orlando tomorrow with my kiddo for a Braves spring training game & Disney (my first visit eva)! glad to hear your head is better & see you @ the Tuesday Power Hour next week 🙂

      • Have fun!

    • Playing your “Pussycat Dolls & Jonas Brothers” Mash Ups again huh?? As long as it’s after hours, it’s cool Dude!

      • I think those are Mac’s songs….along with the Miley Cirus…

  3. Shoulders still not cooperating — subbed Hang Squat Cleans:

    110 – 110 – 120 – 125F – 125 – 130F – 130

    130 may be a PR for me but can’t find the last time we did HSQs to compare. Anyone know?

    • Type “hang squat clean” with quote marks into the blog search field; all the dates will come up.

  4. It was good to be back with my 7am crew this morning.

    Barbell Warmup:
    2 rounds
    30 OHS
    20 Hang Power Snatch
    10 Snatch Balance

    That was a good warmup. Thanks, Damon.

    Snatch 7×1
    55×5 (warmup)
    87 PR by 2 pounds


    Alright, I know that the warm up was frustrating and time consuming…I know.
    However, as many of you all saw, it eventually paid off. The Squat Snatch is an extremely difficult movement. Everyone did a great job of working on all the little pieces, and ultimately you were all successful when it came time to put it all together. That’s the same kind of focus and repetition that’s required to get ALL of those “unattainable” movements. Very proud of you all…the evening crew has A LOT to live up to (no pressure) 😉

    • Uhhhh- Damon, did you make this group warm-up torture despite me (if you recall our conversation about group warm ups on Tuesday)? I am about to take a nap after making up Monday’s workout this morning. Wow- that thing destroyed me!

      • Ha!! Laura, it was definitely in the back of my mind…we can’t have you jumping ship, just to avoid a little extra work 😉

        You earned that nap, you were the ONLY other female to do the “DB Snatch/Row” workout Rx…gr8 job Lady!!

  6. I want to do it! Monday…I will be there! Good job everyone!

    BTW- who’s the hott chick in the background of this pic? =)

    • Some loser that’s gonna go play “Auntie”, instead of hanging with the Homies in Jax :-p

      • Ahem. It’s a shorter drive form Orlando to Jax than from ATL?

  7. Must have rested about 1 second longer on each power snatch today b/c I came up 7 toesto bar away from Zeke….nice work man!!!

    Also nice work with all you girls today…I saw Betsy PR and everyone else looks great on the OHS and Snatch Balance!

  8. I second the helpfulness of the long warm-up for today.
    Still need to work on getting the power and timing of the arms…

    44-54-64f – 65 – 65f -55 -55

    Oh, and congrats Zeke on your DL PR!!!

  9. First time ever joining the Power Hour and it was awesome! Great energy, and FANTASTIC to see Buddy! I made up tuesdays workout.

    CTB pull-ups
    Box jumps
    GHD sit ups


    Did the 27 inch box – just couldn’t bring myself to commit to the 30. I am so impressed by those who could.

  10. Great morning. Thanks for the encouragement and coaching Damon. I think I can say I did a real squat snatch for the first time (not power snatch then overhead squat).


  11. Sorry – too many meetings today and had to miss Power Hour. We have plans tonight and we are off to the beach tomorrow – see you all Monday.

  12. I just did 23(pr) rounds of Cindy at the hotel gym in Orlando…they have a pull up bar!

    • WOW! That’s a LOT of rounds!

  13. Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps:


  14. Ended up with 142.

  15. Thanks to Damon and Laura for all the pointers.


    I know it’s not a lot, but the blue bar was the most I had ever done for an overhead squat at that point.

  16. 3 rounds for time

    10X 163 lb. deadlift
    50 double unders


  17. Barbell Warmup:
    2 rounds
    30 OHS
    20 Hang Power Snatch
    10 Snatch Balance


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