Monday, March 22, 2010

Three rounds for time of:
275 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
50 Double-unders

Post time to comments.

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  1. looking good, Martha!!!

    • Love it!

  2. What an awesome shot!

  3. **EARLY BIRDS**
    No early (545am) session on Tuesday, just Thursday and Friday this week!!

    • Wait…what time is the first session tomorrow?

      • Normal time…6am

        • Ooh, good thing I checked (as I put the percocet back into its bottle). See you in the AM!

  4. I’ll be an evening person today, possibly all week.

    • missed you this morning. And Mike too!

      • me too!

    • Hey Pat: I’m baaaaacccckkk.

      • What?! I ran to get my glasses (literally) to make sure I was reading the name correctly. I’m wracking my brain for all the “Buddy’s” I know. It’s probably not Buddy from high school; I had a crush on him for 2 years, but he turned out to be gay. It’s probably not “Buddy” the dog; he’s been dead for years, and dogs can’t type. Is it garden-glove-Buddy, former workout partner extraordinaire?

        • Uh, yep. Starting noon tomorrow. 6 months away from CF. Having panic attacks. This is gonna hurt.

          • I’m planning to come at noon tomorrow too! Yipee!

          • Super! No pointing and laughing. CU there. I have to go buy some new gloves now. See if Lowe’s has pink…

        • 🙂

  5. Update on Miguel – he has a small fracture in his tibia. 4 more weeks off crossfit. In the meantime, he’s swimming.

    • That’s unfortunate, and we all hope he gets better soon. HOWEVER, just because one part of you isn’t working doesn’t mean the rest of your body can’t CrossFit…just sayin’. Swimming is great, but he could also get some quality work in at the gym as well 🙂

  6. 9:54 154#

  7. I just did this WOD Saturday…strange

    • I know, right?

    • …someone @ HQ must have know I am still catching up from this weekend 🙂
      did this tonight before going to boulder @ WCRC. last set of DU’s took over a minute because i just kept tripping or stepping on the rope (and the not breathing didn’t help either)…clearly DU’s are still one of my pet goats!

  8. Made up yesterday’s

    1000 m row
    50 alternating dumbbell squat snatch (15 lbs)
    750 m row
    35 alt db ss
    500 m row
    20 alt db ss


    Whew, that was a lot tougher than it sounded…glad to be back though!

  9. My Last Few WODs

    4 Rounds for Max Reps (Unbroken)
    Shoulder Press (132#)
    Double Unders
    AbMat Sit Ups
    (Rest 1 min between each)

    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
    05 06 06 02
    35 47 55 25
    60 35 22 30

    3 Rounds For Time
    50 KB Swings (55#)
    40 Step Ups (20″)
    30 GHD SitUps

    Much more awful than it looks!

    3 Rounds For Time
    10 Deadlifts (275#)
    50 Double Unders

    *Was supposed to beat Zeke (4:52), but clearly it didn’t happen. (My excuse) All the DU’s Friday left me feeling “not so springy”, but honestly the combo was just a lot tougher than I expected.

    Bench Press “Vanity Day”
    Did a 5 Round Drop Set for Max Reps (Old School Gym Talk, LOL!!)
    225# x 7 reps (could have gotten 8 or 9, but had no spot)
    203# x 11 reps
    181# x 13 reps
    159# x 12 reps
    137# x 16 reps

    Closed with Declined Ring Push Ups x30 reps
    20″ Box X 13 reps (shoulders failed)
    15″ Box X 17 reps

    • Yeah, the DL/DU was surprisingly more difficult than I thought too. Not only is #275 uber heavy for the little guys, but DU’s were tricky after them as well…

    • Show-off.

  10. An interesting article on sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup…

  11. TDDU!
    Those Damn Double-Unders!

    13:53, Rx

    Meeks, you beat me. It was TDDU! 🙂

    • Well it definitely wasn’t the DL- You made those look easy! Great job tonight- very few RX’s on the board.

      12:18 RX

      • Way to go, Pat & Meeks, with your double unders. I can’t do that yet. And I wasn’t into jumping at all today so I made up Sunday’s.

  12. 88 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
    50 Box jumps


  13. okay guys, just did this one in my basement after putting the boys to bed. love the sweet new barbell set, but missed the coaching and camaraderie at cfrx.

    204 lbs (I know too light) but getting more consistent on stringing together the double unders.

    14:49 could have gone way faster.

  14. Pat is my hero!! You killed it! I should start writing my times down..but I just wanted to mention that I watched Pat…and she’s my hero.

    Now, back to DWTS.

    • Gee, thanks! That makes me feel so good.

  15. 14:54 with box jumps and RX weight.

  16. 12:28 with double unders and 110# deadlifts.

  17. Made this up on Wednesday March 24. Rx(186#) 8:55

  18. Made this up this afternoon- Thursday. 115# DL and 20″ box hops.

  19. 3 rounds:
    220 deadlift x 10
    50 box jumps

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