Thursday, March 18, 2010

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare toΒ 091120.

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  1. Didn’t feel like deadlifting so i made up saturday’s weighted pull-up workout.


    66+134= 200

    this is exactly the same total as last time. a few more pounds of body weight (argh), and few less pounds in the vest.

    • good for you!

  2. 176-198-220-242-264-269F-220

    264 is a PR by 1 measly pound.

    • unlike measly

      • or, I guess it should be “dislike”

    • Ok Sheryl and Erica, I’m very proud of my 1 pound PR. Would have liked more, but I’m proud of the PR. πŸ™‚

    • 264 is a boatload of weight. That’s what it is.

  3. the words “measly” and “PR” DO NOT go together.

    • like

  4. Yes, I concur about “measly” and “pr” not going together since I had a 1 pound pr, too! Then I tried to up it, but I think I just lost my nerve as much as anything. Hadn’t felt especially strong when I started out without enough of a warm up.

    • I stand corrected on the use of the word “measly”. I think the same thing happened to me; I think I lost my nerve when I attempted a higher weight. Plus I nearly hyper-ventilated just from trying to pull it off the floor. Damon said it happens sometimes.

    • And congrats on your PR. You’re moving on up.

      • Thanks, Pat. And I appreciated your enthusiasm this morning when I said I PR’d. (before you knew it was only one pound! Ha ha!)

  5. Due to the huge blisters on my hands I will not come close to breaking my pr today.

  6. This week has been unexpectedly hectic, so I haven’t been to the gym. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze in Murph today (except for the pull ups, push ups and squats). Didn’t note my time, but I’m sure I killed it!

    • ha!!

    • Very funny.

    • I know, I missed you at power hour!

    • Hahaahaha! πŸ˜€

  7. Hey has anyone come across this blog? There are some really great looking paleo-friendly recipes on here! Making me hungry….thank goodness it’s happy hour time. πŸ™‚

  8. i think it’s time to add a picture to my profile. can anyone tell me how i do that?

    • join wordpress

    • Set up a profile at Use the same email here as you do for the wordpress profile, and you’re picture is displayed.

    • Get a wordpress acct. It’s easy and you don’t need the option of having your own blog (unless you want one). Go to and hit “sign up” button. Have a picture ready to upload that’s readable very tiny.

  9. Deadlifts – only had time for 5 attempts:


    Last time I did this I got 176…so a huge PR for me….maybe could have done more but had to go back to work…

    Thanks KELLY for giving me tips that made it happen!

    • Lordy! Power Hour is an apt name! (Almost afraid to comment for fear two other people would simultaneously say the same thing. πŸ™‚ )

    • Woah! Over 200!! That’s BIG.

    • Excellent!

    • Congrats, that’s awesome!

  10. 109-114-121-131-136-143-148

    Woo hoo! My max DL a month ago was 81lbs. Yay for progress! πŸ™‚

    • That’s more than progress… that is nearly double! Awesome

    • Wow. That’s an insane PR!

  11. Congrats!

    • To Sarah.

  12. How did I not know about this CFRX blogging business???!!

    • welcome!

  13. Dang, some good stuff going on here…I’ll be gone (yeah, they are paying for me to go to Naples, FL…sucks for sure – lol) for the weekend but looking forward to next week πŸ™‚

  14. Gonna be traveling abroad and so I won’t be in the gym for the next week and a half or so. I will see everyone when I get back!

  15. 286-308-330-352-374-396(f)-396(f)

    Couldn’t quite talk myself into 396 this time, but I’ll get it next time.

  16. 176, 198, 208, 218, 218, 218, 218

  17. just wanna say thanks again to coach D for pushing me to do the WOD my ego was working hard to avoid…never thought i’d get through all of those MU’s! gracias!

  18. 198-220-242-264-286-308-330(PR)

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