Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HQ Rest Day

Congrats to Terri for getting weighted OHS for the first time in a workout!

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  1. Whoa! Way to go, Terri!!!

  2. Yay, Terri!

  3. T MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yay, Terri!

  5. YAY!! Go T!!

  6. WOOT!

  7. Congrats Terri! Way to go!!!!

  8. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’d like to thank the academy, and my wonderful coaches, without whom this never would have been possible, and my fabulous gym friends and, of course, bacon. This is just such an honor.

    • And the question everyone is wanting the answer to . . . “who are you wearing?”

      • I’m sure she’ll choose an original DeMarco.

    • You are hilariou, Terri. Congratulations! What a great picture of you too!

      • oops, I meant hilariouS!

    • I like the shout out to bacon…so true. And Yay for Terri for the huge PR. It’s an awesome accomplishment!

  9. Beautiful!! Great job T! 😀

  10. Congrats! Love that determined look on your face.

  11. wow! that’s great terri! and, you look so tough! congrats to you!

  12. Nice job Terri!! I think it was the T-shirt 🙂

    Made up the weighted pullup at noon.

    Total 160.8 (bw + extra weight)
    The extra weight was 42.4 lbs. – I really had no idea I could do that!

    • Good job on those pull-ups!! if i was able to breathe, i would have cheered you on! 😉 will make it up to next time for sure

  13. …every now and then I’m reminded that life (& crossfit)can either be an exercise in babysitting your self-image or an honest hunt for personal power. today, chasing kelly through yesterday’s Outlaw WOD, i’m pleased to say i chose to persist & finish the wod. despite having almost zero oxygen & wanting to stop (many times). 🙂

    nice work K & gracias to Damon for sticking around to time us post-power hour!

  14. Did that workout….Something happened to my abdomen during my 50 OHS. Put me out for a few minutesish, which was not fun…but seemed to kinda go away in set #3. Finished in 22:19 with some time on the ground trying to stretch it out…OHS are not my thing!

  15. Went for a run today. Haven’t been running lately and it is very obvious. Ran 4.3 miles but it felt like 10! 37:21 (8:41 pace)

    • great day for a run.

    • You should watch the recent Romanov “POSE running” videos on crossfit journal. All about running more comfortably.

  16. 5 rounds within 20 minutes of:

    15 back extensions
    15 knees to elbows (on bench)
    15 squats (with baby barbell)

  17. 3 rounds in 20 minutes of

    40 wall ball (12#)
    400 M run

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