Sunday, March 7, 2010


Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090930.

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  1. I’m going to take the kids hiking today so I’ll come in tomorrow to make this one up.

    • What time? I’d love to use you as a rabbit on this one.

  2. I love Helen but won’t be in today. Enjoy it everyone!!!

  3. Helen(Rx): 10:36

    I thought that my PR was in the 10:30 range but discovered when I went back and checked that it was 11:29 so today was a new PR by 53 seconds.

    Still plenty of room to improve by stringing KB swings and pull-ups together

    • That’s an awesome new PR, Aaron!

  4. 15:12
    Pullups with new red band.

  5. Run 400 meters
    21 Kettlebell swings (25lb)
    12 Pull-ups (green)


  6. 35# KB swings
    Switched today to the new red band for pullups

    Time: 14:01

  7. 11:37

    Glad tomorrow is a rest day. I woke up feeling sluggish, the WOD felt sluggish, and I still feel sluggish. Would have liked a sub 11:00 min on this. Next time…:)

    Jack, it was great seeing you do all those MUs today! Impressive!!

  8. …missed out on climbing today so figured i’d mod the wod to keep things interesting:
    “Heavy Helen” @ home
    2 pood kb swings (21, 14/7, 10/3/4/4)
    20# db in backpack for pullups (sets beaucoup broken)
    = 12:24
    transition time into/outta the backpack will improve, but still fun to use my new (used) kb
    (now off to Wallcrawl a bit)

  9. Red band, 35#, 18:5? (I wrote my time down wrong and now can’t remember exactly.)

    • Last Helen was in April, 18:54 with blue band.

      • Congrats! That change of band is meaningful progress!

        • 😀

        • Thanks Sheryl!! 🙂

  10. A little slower than last time, but I had moved up from 25# to 35# kettlebell. Had a few ridiculous moments of loss of control of the kettlebell but otherwise they didn’t feel too bad. Pull ups with blue &tiny.

    • LOL…i think we’ve all been there with the KBs…so glad i’ve never launched one while anyone was nearby 😉

      • Ya shoulda seen Terri on the sidelines ducking!

  11. Launch of Helen

    21 Kettle Swings (35lb)
    12 Pull Ups (modified ring pull ups with 2 boxes)


  12. Helen Rx: 10:03
    PR by 26 seconds

    Goal is under 10 minutes next time. Need to get that damn kettlebell straight overhead. Practice, practice, practice.

  13. Helen with Rx KBS and red+tiny for pullups


    That’s a PR by 1:43 over my 9/30/09 performance, and I used blue+tiny for pullups the last time.

    • I made this up a day late Monday, 3/8.

      • Nice!

  14. Helen 8:57 RX

    Big PR for me -last Helen was 10:02 so improved by 1:05. Both KB swings and pullups have gotten stronger since September. Did all KB swings unbroken. Pull ups were unbroken round 1, and then 7/5 for rounds 2&3. My goal for next time is to do everything unbroken.

    Made this up on Monday, 3/8

    • speed-demon! 🙂

  15. 3x
    21 Kettle Swings (25lb)
    12 Pull Ups (modified ring pull ups with 2 boxes)

    Very sore later in the day (probably from Saturday’s workout too). Skipping Monday to allow for some rest and will be back on Tuesday!

  16. 14:55 w/ 55 lb kettle & blue band

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