Friday, March 5, 2010

21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
135 pound Overhead squat

Post time to comments.

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  1. Love the video. Nice work, Zeke. And nice coaching, L&D.

    • Awesome work Zeke.

    • Zeke, you rock man!

    • nice dude. lightning fast. knocked me off the top spot. im going to have to find a new home on the whiteboard.

      • Got a big kick out of that video!

  2. Uggh. Seriously? Overhead squats and deadlifts? After shoulder presses? Someone at HQ is out to get me. : (

    • On the upside, I get to break in my new Rogues! : )

      • Like!

  3. OMG that was great!

  4. Thanks guys! That was a fun wod. The coaching from Laura and Damon really helped me through that. What a great coaching tool is the videotaping too! Now I know exactly what she meant when she to me to sit my butt lower!!

    • yeah…drop those hips! nice work!!

    • Awesome work!!

  5. Nice work Zeke!

  6. Subbed front squats for overhead squats and went light on deadlifts to concentrate on correcting form:

    Deadlifts @ 110 lbs
    Front squats @ 108 lbs


  7. DL: 154#
    OHS: 76#


    I wanted to be closer to 10 minutes. The OHS’s slowed me down, but I’m still pleased. That’s the heaviest OHS I’ve ever done in a workout. I was able to do about 5 straight most of the time; sometimes less.

    Congrats to Erica on embracing her inner-beast this morning.

    • thanks pat!

    • you are just so strong! And Erica too!

  8. DLs: 110
    OHS: red bar (44 lbs?)
    Time: 12:50-something. 56?

    Happy with this one. Thanks Laura!

  9. DLs: 142#
    OHS: 66# (rd1: 7+7+7, rd2: 8+7, rd 3: 6+3)


    Surprisingly, the OHS were not that bad. I had never done more than 44 pounds before. I found a closer grip is better for me – hurts my wrists less. The DLs were not terribly heavy but I’m glad I didn’t go any higher because I it got harder and harder to keep my back tight.

  10. I’m still working on OHS before adding much weight (so I added none!) but I obviously went way too light on them as evidenced by the short time…
    DL 110
    OHS 22

  11. Did the “Outlaw” today with a slight MOD for my wrist.

    Did deadlifts in a workout for the first time since November…felt pretty good πŸ™‚

  12. As much as I was looking forward to “the outlaw” I’m not gonna make it in tonight…I got a last minute opportunity to show some houses. Maybe…..maybe, Ill make it up

    • feel free to sell my house… just listed today – 131 Mayson Ave. πŸ™‚

      • How funny we just listed ours on Sunday

  13. I liked the “Outlaw” – now anyway, an hour or so after I am done.

    – I got 46 unbroken wall balls, thought I’d get more though
    – Burpees were the worst
    – Deadlifts were difficult, but not nearly as much as I had expected. They actually felt good, in a sadistic way.

    • what’s the outlaw?

      • 100 Wall Balls
        75 Burpees
        50 Knees to Elbow
        25 300lb Deadlifts

  14. Outlaw “lite” today as in 124# lighter than RX for the dead lifts. Everything else RX

    100 WB (30 unbroken, then sets of 10)
    75 burpees (worst part, very slow)
    50 toes 2 bar (slow at the beginning then sets of 5 from 25 to 50)
    25 dead lifts (176#)

  15. 23:25 rx
    deadlifts were fun really need to work on OHS

  16. 21-15-9
    DL 132
    OHS 54

    12:24-ish…can’t find my exact time…
    Only heard “tight back” once so I take that as an accomplishment – lol!
    DL were the hardest…OHS, not so bad except my forearms….

  17. 18:31 rx

    Those overhead squats were much harder than anticipated.

  18. Did OUTLAW. deadlifts really slowed me down. Not sure why.
    As rx: 23:34??

  19. Wasn’t able to come in today…had a Drs appointment and then went straight from there to go home for the weekend…for my brothers birthday. I do plan on working out at the University gym here though. Will post my work!

  20. DL (55)
    OHS (27)


  21. 23:55
    DL (176)
    OHS (88)
    The OHS nearly killed my arms…need to go lighter on that many reps

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