Friday, February 19, 2010

Five rounds for max reps of:
2/3 Body weight thruster

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

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  1. I’m coming to the gym tomorrow. I’m mostly back from the dead. Yay!! See you! (Does anyone remember me?)

    • So are you a zombie then?

      • Yay! It’ll be my rest day so I won’t see you, but glad you’re back!

      • I suppose I could be a zombie. How would I know?

      • Cool, I skipped today so I”ll be in tomorrow to make this up.

    • Who? 😉

    • i remember you! i’m going for an outdoor run today to enjoy the weather. hope to catch you tomorrow!

  2. Thrusters 55#; Pull ups w/old red + new red. On the thrusters I opted for more weight, less reps I guess. Worked to control it and have decent form, but challenging.
    7/13; 7/12; 7/11; 5/11; 6/12

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Check out the illustration under Affiliate Team Rumble 2.0. Who is that holding the humongous kettlebell in pictures 2 and 4?

    • Classic. Even with the picture, I don’t fully understand how the reconstruction relay works. I might need somebody to act it out for me:-)

    • So why is our team(s) not registered???

      and LOVE that pic, esp. the kettlebell!

      • nevermind, I see it’s up there now!

        • We’ll go over all of the WOD’s on Monday and Tuesday, the registration will be taken care of also. As of today here is the roster:

          • Whoo Hoo! What a team! Damon, do you know: are volunteers still needed or do I need to go ahead and register as a spectator?

          • can’t wait to cheer you guys on!!!!

          • I am in Charlotte both Monday and Tuesday… can we go over them again on Wednesday?

  4. Thrusters 65# / pullups w/ blue
    12/10, 8/8, 6/6 – cut short due to babysitting

  5. As Rx (120#)
    1) 10/24
    2) 9/18
    3) 8/16
    4) 8/13
    5) 6/11

    41 Thrusters/82 Pullups – 123 total

    I am pretty sure I have a lot more reps in me for this WOD, just wasn’t feeling 100% when I went in it showed.

  6. Did WOD at globo-gym again. Wasn’t feeling particularly motivated and had the same problem w/ pull-ups as yesterday, so my numbers are much lower than they should be. But i’m still glad I did it!

    80# thrusters (7# off RX)

    1) 9/8
    2) 5/7
    3) 5/7
    4) 5/7
    5) 5/7

    29 thusters/36 pull-ups: 65 total

  7. since i don’t weigh anything, this workout was sweet.

    Rx at 95lbs


    41 thrusters, 89 pull-ups: 130 total

    wishing y’all good luck at the team competition

  8. Since I reject thrusters and all that they stand for, I decided to do Nancy. Before the workout, I boldly declared, “Nancy’s my girl!”

    23:19. One second faster and I could have gotten on the board. Oh well, next time I just need to run faster.

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