Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Damn…that’s a really gr8 shot!

    • Not as good as the one on HQ 😉

      • HA!! Just looked…now that’s talented, LOL!!

        • OMG!

    • Amazing. You should do a book one day. Seriously.

  2. Rest Day Bonus
    12 minute AMRAP
    5 pullups (blue+tiny)
    20 situps (abmat butterfly)
    15 calorie Row

    4 rounds + 2 pullups

  3. Made up Saturday’s AMRAP of HSPU, KBS, and GHD situps. Did 12 minutes instead of 8 minutes.

    Rx, 5 rounds + 3 HSPU

    (also posted on Saturday’s blog)

  4. Feels good to blog again!! Well… Today, I got better…Dead-lift max is now 341! New PR….I also got humbled, Did “Air Force WOD” 14+minutes RX. Everything felt fine until OHS which took 7 rounds I think. HUGE deficiency :(…But, on a more Positive note, Michael-Saurus took it to the next level! 8:37 I think… Nice work today, and thanks for the more positive outlook on the WOD!

    • Nice work guys! Sorry to miss the Power Hour, but the bod needed this rest day. See you Thursday.

  5. Two coaches for just me at the power hour! Enjoyed watching them tackle Air Force after me…Michaelsaurus really killed it!

    I used 65 for everything except the OHS where I used 43.
    Now that’s a lot of burpees – haha!

  6. Wanted to make up yesterdars wod today but I won’t be makin it in. Will try tomorrow.

  7. Took on my most hated CF movement today, and reminded myself why I hate them so much…

    Squat Clean (110#)
    Declined Parallett Push Ups


    • I assume the most hated move is the decline PUs?


        Push ups are cool 😉

        • Hahahahaha! That’s funny!!! 😀

        • I completely agree! I just thought I was alone in that.

        • this is not good… they are in the games next weekend ;(

  8. Super fun Power Hour today! Therese took the lead & showed great pacing and persistence working the WOD solo today…missed you Sheryl! :-)…while Kelly casually PR’d his deadlift BEFORE doing the Air Force killa with a load >77% his body weight! just realized i’d have had to do the WOD with approx. 140# to even come close to that power output…yikes :-O

    • hey, my little “yikes” face cut off…
      there, that’s better

      • Well, the calculator has spoken and here is what was found.

        LaMar- .27hp with 198.63 Watts
        Michael- .26hp with 194.75 Watts
        Her- .26hp with 189.77 Watts
        Kelly- .15hp with 107.73 Watts

        What the calculator fails to take into account are the efforts on missed reps during the work time. The only way to compare accurately would be to have the actual “work time”, meaning the time that was needed to complete the listed reps…Interesting, but not 100%

        • dude, that’s SO cool! 🙂
          (i love #’s)

        • That is really interesting…esp because the times didn’t mimic that…do you think that crossfit will move to work done as opposed to time to complete?

          • Power output has very little to do with the time person A finished a workout vs. person B. It’s all about the “work” it took…which takes into account how much energy it takes to move a particular mass a particular distance in a particular amount of time.

            And no, CrossFit will not change judging standards to include power output, because in a real world situation, it comes down to who did the most work (more physical, here, not physics) in the least amount of time?

          • I guess the idea is how well (fast) can you accomplish a task, no matter how much power you use…?

            So, for the numbers, how do you get to your final values? Maybe I am missing something but when I go to the Power output calc, I cannot enter SDHP or other things….when I go to beyond the whiteboard, it give a total work in foot*lbs or an average of ft*lbs/sec. When I go to a power converter, I get either really low values like for hp (way less than zero) or really hight like for watts (in the 10s of thousands).

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