Monday, February 15, 2010

For time:
155 pound Squat clean, 15 reps
30 Toes to bar
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
15 Muscle-ups
40 pound dumbbell Push press / push jerk, 30 reps
30 Double-unders
135 pound Thruster, 15 reps
30 Pull-ups
30 Burpees
300′ Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead

Post time to comments.


TheΒ 2010 CrossFit Games Season begins! The US Midwestern Sectionals “Air Force WOD” … [wmv] [mov]

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  1. Oh my.

  2. For real???

  3. This is the final WOD from the 2009 CrossFit Games. We will most likely be offering a substitute workout because of the amount of equipment and setup required to reproduce the chipper.

    • Fine by me.

  4. 5 rounds today with the baby bands and 70lb kb. I knew that the last 2 days were in preparation to finish us off tomorrow!

  5. What the…? Don’t think I have time this morning…I can’t even imagine how long this would take!

  6. Not looking good for morning workouts this week. I’ll be in tonight.

  7. Hi friends! My cold has morphed into an ear and sinus infection. Going to the doctor today. Hope to be well and see you soon! xo

    • Take care Terri!

    • Get better soon, Terr!

  8. Air Force WOD:
    20 Thrusters, 65#
    20 SDHP, 65#
    20 Push Jerks, 65#
    20 Overhead Squats, 65#
    20 Front Squats, 65#
    *Do 4 Burpees at the top of each minute

    18:55, Rx less 4 burpees; I switched two 2 burpees at the top of each minute for the last 2 minutes. Burpees were the hardest part for me. . . no surprise there.

    Damon, you were right the first time; it was just 4 burpees that I missed; not 6.

    • One other note — I was able to use what I learned from Saturday’s snatch practice during this wod. Each time I had to restart the OHS’s, I snatched it to get it overhead. There was also lots of clean practice in this workout. That’s cause Damon made us all work from the floor. I hope he holds everyone to the same standard today. πŸ˜‰

      • Yes!! Everybody will be working off of the floor today and for any future WOD’s that are similar. The weight is relatively light and it’s just the right way to do it πŸ˜‰

  9. Air Force WOD:
    20 Thrusters, 95#
    20 SDHP, 95#
    20 Push Jerks, 95#
    20 Overhead Squats, 95#
    20 Front Squats, 95#
    *Do 4 Burpees at the top of each minute

    Used 96.5# (math is hard)for all except OHS. Scaled OHS to 44#.

    • Scaling up? Sweet!

  10. Air Force WOD
    20 Thrusters, SDLHP, Push Jerk, OHS, Front Squats
    4 Burpees at the top of every minute (including start)

    OHS were the hardest by far. Need to work those occasionally in warmup (as unpleasant as that sounds).

  11. WOW! Two tough choices…be there later.

    • Therese, what time are you going?

      • Hey Sheryl…Sorry, I didn’t make. Several personal issues showed up and I had to deal with it. Hope you made it!
        I am planning to be at the noon session tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  12. Air Force WOD:
    20 Thrusters, 69#
    20 SDHP, 69#
    20 Push Jerks, 69#
    20 Overhead Squats, 66#
    20 Front Squats, 66#
    *Do 4 Burpees at the top of each minute


    Some days you just want to cry like a little girl. OH squats were frustrating — couldn’t get into the correct position for a long time but when it eventually locks into place it feels good. Another thing to add to my practice list. Still limited by shoulder problems. Trying to get an appt with Sadri this week.

    • I’m offended on behalf of all little girls. You were crying like a little boy. πŸ˜‰

      • that’s funny!


      • Yes, you got me there, Pat — apologies to all! ; )

  13. uh, I just realized that the top female at the Midwestern Sectional did the Air Force wod in under 6 minutes. I think she had the top time overall (men and women). Unbelievable.

    • Top male time was just under 4 mins (with a couple of questionable [to me] technique mods) and the top female time was 5:58. BTW, I saw another young lady finish the same workout this morning in less than 7 mins also…it’s doable, but very tough.

      • Do tell! Who?

        Under 4 minutes?!? Unreal!

      • OH! I just figured out who did it in under 7 minutes! Duh. Congrats to the young lady.

        • That’s all craziness!

  14. Air Force WOD:
    20 Thrusters, 66
    20 SDHP, 66
    20 Push Jerks, 66
    20 Overhead Squats, 44 (ouch!)
    20 Front Squats, 66
    *Do 4 Burpees at the top of each minute
    Time: 13:47
    I thought thrusters were my least favorite until I did the overhead squats today…it looks like I might be practicing these along with Aaron.

    • Nice work!

    • WOW!!

    • Nice time, Patrick!

  15. Did a kinda lame job of yesterday’s wod. Then Damon coached me on how to do snatches since I always seem to miss the days they come up.

  16. OK FOLKS!! Here are the Team Competition Details

    Day 1 Workout

    Each team must complete all reps for time
    Only two members can work at the same time – 1 Male & 1 Female
    Rotate at will until reps are completed
    Movement standards will be provided.

    Row 5K meters (I believe this will be 2K)
    150 Pull ups
    175 Thruster [95/65]
    200 KB swing [1.5 /1]
    225 Wallball [20/12]
    250 Deadlift [225/135]

    Day 2 Workout

    *This event will be relay style – 2 at a time
    Complete all movements for time.

    Reconstruction Relay:
    300 yd shuttle
    20 Squat Clean[95/55] to step up [20in/12in]
    15 Sandbag Hate Makers
    50 yd sandbag lunge

    Roster (So Far)
    1. Trish Anderson (Team Captain)
    2. Erica Stelten
    3. Sheryl McCalla*
    4. Scott Guichard
    5. Mac McPhearson*

    *Are registered to Judge and I would prefer to be ready as Alternates aka “Gobblers”

    “Maybe” People
    1. Zeke
    2. Meeks
    3. Angie
    4. Sting

    Will be “talking to”
    1. Jack
    2. Hwang

    Each person needs to be able and prepared to do 25% of all listed work…FYI, I KNOW everyone listed here can make it happen!
    We have the potential to make two teams, but let’s try to finalize the first so we can be ready πŸ™‚

    • Ooops, It’s Mac White…damn it those two last names πŸ˜‰

    • Still a bit confused on the “Rotate at will until reps are completed”. So, if woman A, woman B, man X and man Y start the pain train can woman C and man Z (gobblers) jump in for some reps? Or, is rotate at will among the four that started that WOD?

      • I know we already spoke, but I will post for everyone. I believe once the WOD starts, the door is closed for the 4 participants. Another mix of people can be shuffled and re-set in the Day 2 WOD. So, six max for a team, but only 4 necessary for each WOD. I guess the term “Gobblers” is dead 😦

    • I’m happy to watch. I can do all of the moves but will way slow the A team down if I have to do thrusters and squat cleans.

    • Any chance we can get a sandbag to practice those very unfamiliar movements? How much does it weigh?

      Does the team member have to do 25% of work? For example, if member A is really strong on pullups, I would assume they could knock out more than member B (who may do more of thrusters) and so on…

      Also, I need to practice those squat clean step ups. I am back on Wed… and unfortunately had no time to make it to CrossFit Chicago on this trip 😦

  17. Did the snatch wod & hspu/kb/ghd situp wods this morning. I made it to 140lb for the snatch, bot I KNOW I can go heavier & completed 5 rounds & 2 hspu of the second wod. Hspu are my new nemesis. Will have to figure out how to beat them.

    As for the team wod, I will sit down w Joe 2nite & see if there is a way that I can compete w y’all. Would be a lot of fun….even more fun of those RX tshirts arrived in time for it….

    • niiiice work!

  18. Sooooo, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of the Chipper today @ Wallcrawlers(ah, so many goats, so little time). Everything felt great & moving quick until muscle-up #11, at which point I DNC’d the next 10+ attempts (MU round lasted approx. 19 minutes total…sheesh) & finally added a low barrier to provide toe-assist for last 4 MU’s, everything else as RX: 44 minutes
    highlights: strung together many heavy cleans & thrusters + 28 double-unders unbroken
    challenges: muscle-whatevers
    see everyone @ the POWER HOUR tomorrow!

  19. Thanks everyone for letting me work out in your gym today!

    Take care, Ed.

  20. Air Force WOD 17:41

    66# for all except OHS, which was 44#. I need to practice OHS!

  21. Air Force WOD 20:50 skipped one set of burpees during OHS

    66# for Thrusters, SDHP, push jerks, Front Squats. 44# for OHS.

    StraightUp HatedIt. How much? Would rather have done 4 thrusters each min. than 4 burpees. Would rather have done 20 more OHS’ than 4 burpees each minute. Anything. StraightUp HatedIt.

    • But on a positive note…

      Thrilled to have done OHS’ with more than a pvc pipe. 44# represents tremendous progress for me on that lift. Yay me!

      • Yay you!!!!

    • Hated it, but loved it because you did it and lived to blog about it.

  22. 14:54 with 48 for thrusters, SDHP, push jerks, front squats. junior bar for OHS. laura yelled at me just enough to avoid another round of burpees – thanks!

  23. Made up the Air Force WOD today. I used super light weight–33# and 22# for the OHS. It felt plenty hard though!

    Time: 14:00

    Thanks Mike and Pat for the encouragement! And thanks Damon for not making me go heavier…and “forgetting” one set of burpees. πŸ™‚

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