Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Back squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Post load(s) to comments.

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  1. I just caught the video of Wonder Woman on the HQ site. Very cool.

  2. Laura….you are ridiculous!!! Thats INSANE!!

  3. Wow…just wow!

    • ditto that!

  4. 110

  5. Caught a cold in snowy St. Louis. See you when I no longer feel terrible. 😦

    • Feel better soon!

    • Rx is chicken soup…with no noodles. Get well!

  6. 66 first two sets, then 71 for the rest. Coach Damon wouldn’t let me get away with too little and I appreciate it.

    • I see now that 71 is 80% of my 1RM and I shoulda gone heavier because it wasn’t uncomfortable enough.

  7. The progression on this WOD isn’t like your typical lifting days. 60 seconds isn’t enough time to change weight each round. You should look to start at a VERY challenging weight…(80-90%) 1RM. As you progress with that weight it may start to feel more tolerable, when it does go up in weight. There should not be a single comfortable set.

  8. That was awesome Laura! Congrats!!!!

  9. Figuring out the right weight always seems to be a problem for me. Today I started too light. This WOD never really got as hard as it should have been. Wish I could do it over.

    147 x 6, 152, 157, 154 (miscalculated — meant to go up), 164

    • I’m sure that could be arranged. 😉 Don’t sweat it. You still lifted a lot of weight and made note of needed corrections for next time.

  10. 176 x 5
    186 x 5

    90% of my 1RM is 198, but 186 seemed to be heavy enough for me today.

  11. Ok, I’m trying to register as a volunteer for the sectionals. The form is asking me for the event code, but I can’t seem to find the correct event code. It tells me my entry is invalid but it doesn’t give me the correct values! Aargh. I guess they have crossfitters designing these forms and not trained professionals. Can anyone tell me the correct event code?

    • I had a feeling that was gonna be a problem. I will have an answer for you before lunch…we’re talking about those refunds also!

      • Pat, you should be able to register without the event code. I can talk to you about your refund when I see you.

  12. Laura!! That is ridiculous!! Well done! I thought I had a decent deadlift until you threw down 370!! Hahahahaha Great Job!

    La Mar you did great this weekend!

  13. My 1 rep max supposedly was 159, but now I am not so sure. I started at 82% of that, but it was pretty easy so I kept going up. A couple of times my rest was more like 90 seconds because I kept having to change the weights. After the first few sets it started to feel really heavy so I stayed there and then had to drop weight to finish.


  14. 88×2

    Don’t think I could have gone heavier than 115 and made two reps.

  15. I wasn’t entirely sure how to work this one. I did 88 for all of them. The last 4-5 sets the second one was difficult so I know I got some good work in.

  16. Great work today @ the Power Hour everyone…So cool to see that many folks doing 3 different (& hard) wods simultaneously!

    • Lovin’ the Power Hour. Thanks!

  17. Great job Laura – Love that smile on your face.

    Forgot my book, so went off my 1 RM being 300, but that was before my break. So went lower.

    Started at 220 for 8 rounds and up to 242 for 2 rounds. Should have jumped up a few rounds earlier.

    I like this one because it was not as heavy as 1 RM, and I had time to watch form and work on it each time.

    • Oh – and this was first workout to use lower position on back

  18. Laura. Inspirational. And, with a smile 🙂

  19. Stayed this morning and got my “Vanity WOD” in, aka Old School Upper Body Reps & Sets…yea, I said it 😉

    This evening was my real work…

    For Time:
    5 Rounds
    10 Hang Power Snatches (95#)
    10 Box Hops (33″)


    Amazing how much of jump is required for a good HPS. Took a lot away from my tall box hops; I had to really work to get on top of it. I liked my choice though…not my time.

    • I like the idea of ‘vanity’ WODs

  20. 154# x 11 – Just had to do one extra.

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