Saturday, January 23, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Made up yesterday’s
    3 rounds
    50 double unders
    50 back extensions


    Gotta keep working on the du – so slow!

  2. Did yesterdays WOD this morning…was not feeling up to doing anything more.
    3 rds
    50 DU’s
    50 Back ext.

  3. Horrible!! First round was fast (1:55) then I crashed and burned…my back is STILL so f’ing weak

    As Rx – 12:18

    • In other news, for those that are interested, Laura is killing the competition in VA (as usual)! She made the top Squat Clean+ 2 Front Squat (170# PR) and has the top rope climb x3 (:32 sec). Still haven’t heard the results of the AMRAP, but I will post it when I get it. With heavy jerks and lunges…I’m sure it will be another first place finish for her!

      LaMar! What happened to you today?

    • OK, it’s over! She finished 3rd on the AMRAP, but 1st overall(by 31 pts) with a score of 401…Very proud 🙂

      Zeke, I was wrong this AM. There was rest after the rope climb. Sorry, you probably would have scored higher (396), but it was a good showing anyway.

    • That’s not horrible, and you aren’t s’pose to talk to yourself like that, coach!

    • Yay Laura! Cool, cool, cool!

  4. I didn’t know she was competing in Virginia! Did I miss a post about it? What’s the competition? I thought maybe she had run away from home.

    • You? Miss a post on the blog? I think that’s about as likely as me missing one. 😉

    • There was no post, you didn’t miss it. It was nothing huge Terri, just a little tune up for future competitions.

    • We love us some Laura Demarco.

  5. Damon, thanks for the update on the competition.

    Laura, I’m very proud of you.

    • Ditto to that! Congrats, Laura!

    • Awesome Laura!

    • Same from me… did not realize she was competing in Va… Great Job!

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