Thursday, January 7, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. I’m frustrated that this cold has sidelined me. It’s up in my sinuses and down deep in my lungs. Rattly cough, achy and fatigued. Have a feeling I’m going to be out for a while. : (

    • Feel better Mike! I’ve been sideline by the cold too, but only because I don’t want to leave my house:) I’ll be back in this evening for my punishment.

    • Feel better Young Man…soon!

    • Just relax and rest up. There will be TONS of Crossfit awaiting you.

    • I miss you, but please take care of yourself and don’t push it too soon. The gym and crossfit will be waiting on you when you are better.

    • oh, i miss you!! rest up and feel better.

    • oh i miss you too! get well soon, my friend!

  2. Took some of Laura’s medicine this AM…I had intended on resting today, glad I didn’t 🙂

    Push Press (5×3 in 12 Mins)
    186×3 (It’s been a while, but I think it’s a PR)

    *Rest 2 Mins*

    10 Min AMRAP:
    6 Bungee Press (104#)
    12 Pull Ups (No CTB)

    4 Rounds


    • Happy b-day Pat. I think I heard someone mention your age and, I must say, that you look so much younger!

      • OH My! I am having the best birthday ever…with that comment and Terri’s haiku, it’s just the best day. I am 49 today…as I’ve told some people, today begins the FINAL COUNTDOWN to 50. But CrossFit and Primal eating are making me younger, so it’s all good!

        • wow.. I met saw you a while back when I came to CFRX.. I assumed you were in your 30s.

          Hope you have a great birthday.

    • Thanks, Damon. 🙂 I’ll see you tomorrow.

      And good job on the workout.

  3. It’s Pat’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Birthday haiku 4 Pat:

      Strong and determined,
      As true as a corgi’s soul,
      Pat is my hero.


      • THANK YOU, Terri! I love it!

      • wow, that was a great bday haiku. sums pat up perfectly. happy bday, pat! you look great!!!

    • Happy Birthday Pat! Hope you have a great day!

    • You’re gonna have a fabulous year, Pat! Happy BDay!!

  4. Nice to work out with the coaches (get to see them suffer alongside)…

    Front Squat – 10 minutes to 1RM
    176, 198, 208, 220, 230

    7 rounds
    7 Hang Squat Cleans (115#) – burpee penalty if you drop bar during wod
    14 Push ups

    I matched my Front Squat PR from a month ago, even though form was ugly. My back is pretty tight from last few days so I’m sure that played a role. The burpee penalty definitely motivated me to keep bar in my hands. Due to the short burst of intensity that this wod requires, I felt more inclined to maintain pace while minimizing any breaks.

    • MMMmmm, you can Front Squat way more than that Fella!! Those numbers are Squat Cleans people…Gr8 Job!

      • Ooops. Nice catch coach and thanks. It should be Squat Cleans.

        Afternoon session:

        Box squats 8×2
        198, 208, 220, 230, 242, 252, 264, 264F, 264F

        I was surprised that my legs responded so well given the squat variations of the last few days. This is definitely a different movement…really focuses on posterior chain. Hopefully, this carries over to my squats which have become a mystery 😮

  5. Happy Birthday PatC!!!

    I made up that horrendous wall ball wod today. OMG.

    5 rds
    50 wall balls 14#
    25 pullups

    34:23 (not sure if that is exact)

    Wall balls are so hard. I felt like I rested a lot and for long stretches. But I just had to. I was very pleased with my pull-ups though. I broke them down into sets of 10 and 5, but never dropped lower than 5. That is big for me. I usually end up doing 2-3 at a time very quickly.

    • so impressed with you!

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