Wednesday, January 6, 2009

Five rounds for time of:
50 Wall-ball shots with 20-pound ball to ten-foot target
25 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. Oh no.

    • Not. Doing. Pull ups. Can’t make me.

      • Pull-ups are kind of like my favorite thing, but this is getting ridiculous! I agree with you Terri, too many fo sure!

    • Oh no, is right….wall balls are my nemesis….

  2. I want to do this workout – but my back is SO SORE after a visit w/ Dr. Sadri. I’ll see how it feels tomorrow and hopefully will make it up on Thursday.

  3. 35:42
    14# wallball
    blue+tiny r1-2; green rounds 3-5

    • Pat, you rock for doing five rounds of this!

      • Gee. Thanks, Paige. =o)

  4. Well, I thought my pulled left pec was OK but I was wrong…got through two rounds and it totally cramped up and became so painful, I felt like I was having a heart attack….
    Ice, heat and a bunch of ibuprofen have made it tolerable…
    No more pushing anything for me for awhile!

    2 rounds
    50 wall ball – 14 lb ball (about 75% made it to the X)
    25 pullups


  5. That was torture. 31 & some change. I guess that’s a welcome back from crossfit.

    • Welcome back Fella, we were starting to worry about you!

  6. ok, no more paleo. im doing the taco bell diet…

    • Taco Bell. To me, it tastes the least like real food of all the fast food. Except maybe those little square burgers at Krystal. No idea what sort of meat *that* is.

    • I saw a commercial for that and thought…wtf?

  7. Great Odin’s Raven! Is this WOD Really 1-2-3-4-5 rounds?


  8. Well, I guess I am a wimp. I almost came in this morning but I was craving sleep and a little break. I just did a little working out at home this afternoon. Pat’s my hero for coming in and doing today’s wod!

    • you are not a wimp, joy! miss you this am!

    • You are so funny! But definitely not a wimp. Hope you enjoyed your break and the extra bit of sleep. That’s what I’m doing tomorrow!

  9. RX: 36:10
    Rough one today. Took lots of breaks but tried to keep them short as much as possible (didn’t work so well on the last round of wall ball shots…)

  10. Alternate wod…

    Push press 5×3
    120, 125, 132, 142, 152

    10 minute AMRAP
    6 HSPUs (nose to ground)
    12 Chest to Bar Pulls ups

    5 rounds + 4 HSPUs

    Rest half hour

    I did weighted dips up to 1 rep @ 70 lbs and followed with squats – 220×3, 230×3, 242×3, 252×3, 262F. I screwed up the format for last couplet but still listing here. I went too light during push press. Pretty good effort overall.

  11. 3 rounds


  12. Alternate wod. Wanted to work on some strength based stuff. Did 5×5 back squats and presses…not for max rep, but just at moderate weight. Then also did a quick workout.
    BS: 77-87-100-100-100
    Press: 43-48-50-50-50

    3 rounds of
    2 muscle ups
    7 high box jumps

  13. I did the “compressed” version, 5 rounds of 25 wall ball shots and 15 pullups. I think my time was 23:33, or 26:33? Big difference, but I can’t remember.

  14. rx-43:16

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