Sunday, January 3, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Laura,

    I’m pretty beat…I think I might actually use this rest day for just that. But if you plan on doing something than let me know…I can still endure some more pain

    • I just worked on snatch technique today. Rudy fixed a lot of my issues, and I got 110 squat snatch without too much difficulty. 121 got up high, but couldn’t commit to pulling under the bar.

      Anyway, we’re back on tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated as to what we’re doing 😉

      • awesome…I’ll be in 5ish

  2. Did Annie Rx today for the first time! Fun!! 😀 Took about 40 minutes because double unders are so new to me. I was able to do as many as 8 unbroken! The Buddy Lee jump rope Ruth gave me is *awesome*.

    Welcome back Terresa!!!!

    • Fantastic on the double unders, Terri! Congrats!

      • I’m proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Woof!

    • 8??? that’s awesome! and it was so nice to see you, terri! buddy lee and ruth rock!

    • YAY, TERRI!!! :mrgreen:

    • Check out you and your fast feet…I love it!

    • Go T!! As my son & I are fond of saying, that is “Awesome K. Possum”!! (don’t ask me what the K stands for…i don’t know…or why we add Possum to it…) 🙂

  3. rowed a 5k as a first crossfit wod in a little more than a week. will be ready for day 1 tomorrow.

    23:24, i think. vacation with no self control is evidently bad for PR-ing.

    • I rowed a 5K too! 27:52 on setting 9.

      • That was Ruth who posted about the 5k just then. We need to stop using each other’s computers to post on this blog!

  4. Damon, 5:45 starting tomorrow?? Unless you want to make it 5:30:-)

    • I maaayyy be able to get a 5:55 for ya, but we will just have to see 😉

  5. 50-40-30-20-10
    double unders, GHD sit ups, back extensions.

    wanted to work on double unders…still a struggle for me and I certainly didn’t get eight in a row-nice Terri!

    • You beat my time by about 9 minutes,though! 🙂

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