Thursday, 12/31; New Year’s Eve:  6am-9am ONLY

Friday, 1/1; New Year’s Day:  Noon-1pm (closing at 1pm)

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  1. I bet there is going to be a long, nasty hero workout on New Year’s Day:o

    • 😯

    • Bite your tongue.

    • I don’t think Murph hasn’t shown up in a long time

      • um, I don’t think has shown up…

        • i’ve been thinkin it was hero wod time… 🙂

      • aahhh! take it back!

  2. Did Fran at the globo this morning. Wasn’t too concerned with time, which was good since I had to stop to fend off a muscle head who wanted to chat with me in the middle of it. Went light because my back is still bothering me quite a bit, but it felt good.

    50 pound thrusters (w/ 25# dumbbells)


    Merry Christmas!!

    • classic! 🙂 …did a couple of the 1-10-1-20-1-30 wods @ a generic gym last cycle…actually the bench-press was like globo-cammo for me, but my warm up double-unders sure turned heads (especially since the only floor space for jumping–i.e. not occupied by a machine–was in the free-weight area)
      Happy Holidays CFRx!! 🙂
      see everyone tomorrow for the last power hour of the year!!

  3. hey, check out the CF Alexandria VA website…someone looks familiar! 🙂

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