Thursday, December 31, 2009


Have a safe and happy New Year’s!!!


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Post time to comments.

Compare to 091116.

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  1. so im still confused…no thursday noon yet?

    • Not yet…I leave for Costa Rica Jan. 6th and come back the 15th. We’ll try and get it going after I get back

      • Cool! Are you going surfing? Diving? Lucky you.

      • I LOVE Costa Rica… have a great time!

  2. 51:52 (w/blue band for pull ups)
    I nearly doubled my previous Angie time!
    Thanks, Coach Damon for suggesting I do the push ups without modifying any of them. No, I’m not being entirely sarcastic; I really thank you. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? I see myself getting stronger in 2010.

    • Yes indeed Joy! I see the same for everyone next year 😉

  3. Angie
    Rx 22:52

    About a minute slower than last time but pullups were a lot stronger (none where I struggled to get my chin high enough) and I really worked on getting full range of motion on the pushups, which slowed me down but as Joy said it’ll make me stronger : )

    • You go, girl! Form is important.

    • That is FAST!!!

      • yea, that is fast!

  4. Rx: 30:03
    About 3 minutes slower than last April, which was the first and only other time I’ve done this WOD.

  5. Blue band, knee push ups, 41:58. Sooo slowwww!

    And yet, PR of 6 minutes and one band from April. (The last two times Angie came up, I subbed back extensions for pull ups because of stupid elbow.)

    In 2010: Be less afraid of suffering; take fewer breaks.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement this morning! 🙂

  6. Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!! 🙂

    • Hi Michael Thesaurus! Come to the gym tomorrow!

  7. Time: 30:15 (PR)

    Used blue and tiny band again for pullups and it felt plenty hard by about 75!

  8. 21-15-9
    Front Squats (110#)
    Ring Dips


    Finished up with 25 burpees and 25 pull-ups…that was the worst part.

  9. I missed the gym this morning! Shoot! I am back from out of town and I have missed all my gym friends! 🙂 I have taken a nice long break with short spurts of working out…nothing consistent. Time to get back in there. Will probably do Angie at Crossfit Atlanta today. Hopefully my arms can sustain the god awful pushups.

    • 27:45 pr by about 30 sec.

      Ahhh, push ups…slow goin, arms started feeling weak…most were two at a time. Heck of a wod to come back to.

  10. CF East Sac…

    OHS 3s
    95, 105, 115, 125, 135

    6 rounds:
    5 Dumbell Front Squats (45#)
    5 Dumbell Hang Cleans (45#)
    5 Dumbell Push Press (45#)

    Worked on pinching shoulder blades together during OHS so went with lower weights.

  11. 19:08
    PR by 1:17 over November

    • Fast fast fast fast!!!

  12. 24:03 (28 sec PR)

    • 24:04

  13. 23:41 (rx)
    Wasn’t quite up to this wod. Terribly slow on pushups and broke up all squats. Not surprised that I didn’t PR.

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