Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Row 5K

Post time to comments.

Compare to 091227.

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  1. WTF?

    • deja-vu anyone? 🙂

      • …but if anyone starts singing that darn song about me rowing some darn boat to shore… 😉

      • Lol Michael!
        I reloaded the page the times thinking that I had it wrong…

        • Sorry, three

  2. So….if you were planning on making up Sundays WOD today, then what? 10k?

    • go for it, Kelly! I know how much you LOOOOOOOOVE rowing 😉

  3. Row 5k

    22 seconds slower than on Sunday.

  4. Tried to match Miguel stroke for stroke but still finished 2 minutes after him. A new PR for me, though, at 21:45 (36 seconds faster than Sunday).

  5. Made up the first row yesterday and didn’t feel like a repeat.
    Wall ball shots (20#)

    Took far too many rests during wall balls and pull-ups

  6. Did 3500M of rowing around the snatches to make up some of the rowing. Guess now I have to do the entire 5k this evening.

  7. anyone interested in doing this 21K trail run on Feb 27 in Winder, GA?


  8. Alternate programming:

    Tabata double unders for total reps
    Rest 2 minutes
    1 minute muscle snatches (65#) for total reps
    Rest 1 minute
    1 minute OHS (65#) for total reps
    Rest 1 minute
    GHD situps for total reps

    143 + 15 + 15 + 30 = 203

    It was tough timing myself through the Tabata and the workout overall. I have a tendency to stop early if I’m watching the clock. I was happy with my double unders, because I didn’t really miss any, I was just having to stop because I was winded. Best round was 34, worst was 13. Should have gotten more snatches and OHS, but, that will have to be for next time.

  9. CF East Sac…

    3 rounds of max reps
    :30 DLs (275#)
    :30 rest
    :30 Pull ups
    :30 rest
    :30 Row for calories
    :30 rest
    :30 Box jumps 24″
    :30 rest
    :30 GHDs to floor

    DLs – 26
    PUs – 45
    Row – 24
    Box jumps – 50
    GHDs – 43
    Total – 188

    Good MetCon workout…could’ve squeezed a few more PUs in. Also need to work on rebounding right back up during box jumps for more reps.

  10. 5K row

    I don’t think I’ve ever rowed 5K before, it seemed sooooo long…

    • Made up the deadlift from last week at home:


      I added up the total of the 6 different weights – 820

      • WOW! you went back for more!! Great work

      • ahhhh…good for you!

    • nice!!!!

  11. Couldn’t get it together this a.m. to come in. Sore throat, thought mybe I wouldn’t come in at all, so it felt like an accomplishment to come finish this 5k. Wore me out.
    Thought about posting under Sunday, though, since really I was making that up!

    • Good job, Joy!!!

  12. 23:33, PR of nearly 2 minutes (minus 20 seconds). Yay!

    Focused on pushing with legs/hips rather than pulling with raggedy, sore arms. In the first minute, launched myself out of the seat and landed on the bar. Ha! Damon had to lift me up and put me back in it. Started over.

    Arms were much less sore this time.

    • Impressive – doing that one again& better!
      Might inspire me to try. Way to endure!

    • Nice job, Terri!!

  13. did “somthing tabata” DU’s 20,10,11,05,07,09,09,14 – Muscle snatches 20 – OHsquat 21 – GHD 27 TOTAL=153. need to keep my head up during DU’s, helps me keep rhythm better.

  14. Row 5k – 23:09 (26 seconds faster than Sunday’s row)

    I went out too hard at the start and ran out of gas early. My arms are more sore than my legs, which could mean I didn’t use my lower body like I should have.

  15. 5K row – 26:59

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