Thursday, December 24, 2009

Deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Post total load (add up all six barbell loads) to comments.

1RM Calculator
(10RM = 80-85%, 20RM = 60-65%, 30RM = 50%)

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  1. hmmm…hq has been interesting lately. i am so thankful murph didn’t come up!

    laura’s crossfitting and video making has inspired me, so the girls and i worked very hard to choreograph this little number. happy holidays!

    see you tomorrow morning at 8!

    • That was AWESOME ladies!!

      I’m also looking forward to this wod since I liked the front squat so much.

    • Terrific. Thanks!

  2. Therese, I was just catching up on the blog from the past couple of days and saw your post about your workout in the frozen tundra (wis). I feel you because I am doing the same thing – making up my own WODS in Milwaukee. Funny coincidence.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

    • Cool! Are going to visit a gym there?

  3. I hate that I am missing this round of workouts. Maybe they will come up again. I miss the gym and everyone. See you all Monday for sure. Possibly Sunday. Merry Christmas!

  4. I visited crossfit Appleton yesterday and made up Diane.
    115 DL
    green and blue for HSPU ( they are so small that they only have one black, one blue, one green and one tiny band:)

    the coaches were great, very helpful and I got a free Tshirt.

    Sorry to be missing out on this cycle. Happy Holidays everyone! See you on Monday!

  5. Worked out at CF East Sac…

    12 Days of Xmas
    1 200 m run
    2 C&Js (135#)
    3 Weighted Pull ups (30#)
    4 Dumbell Thrusters (40#)
    5 Double unders
    6 HSPUs
    7 Med ball cleans to wall ball shot (20#)
    8 Burpees to 20″ box jump
    9 KB swings (53#)
    10 Push press (115)
    11 Sumo DL Hi Pull (115#)
    12 Calories on rower


    Same format as the song so you repeat all movements up thru 12. Actually had fun doing this.

  6. I’m in Navarre, FL where I did 100 pushups, sit ups,squats. But my dad called neighbors who dropped off a barbell for me this afternoon so I can deadlift or something tomorrow but not much weight. Happened to be next to Ft. Walton Crossfit this afternoon & peeked in window but they won’t be open til Jan. If only I could get away from bad food! Oh well, I’ll be back soon. Thanks for Jib Jab, morning girls.

    • Used the neighbor’s barbells which only had max of 116.4
      Total load 643.4

  7. I have a system for hitting a 1RM deadlift PR, and this is not it. I also had to hit this one pretty early in the morning for me, so I didn’t focus on the singles as much as the multiple reps. I calculated the 10/20/30 off my previous PR of 360, and just let my 1RM’s be whatever they were going to be.

    320 x 1
    286 x 10
    320 x 1
    230 x 20
    308 x 1
    165 x 30 (went about 15 pounds light on this one; I was mentally and physically beat at this point, and needed an easy out)

    TOTAL = 1629

    *note; I’m posting this on Saturday, a few days later…and I’m absolutely wrecked from the neck all the way down to my back and through the glutes and hamstrings. This WOD is mean…

  8. Worked out at the YMCA in Oregon for a quick workout. Created a workout based on what I had easiest access to.

    400m run
    21 db squat clean and jerks (20# each)
    400 m run
    15 db squat clean and jerk
    400m run
    9 db squat clean and jerk

  9. […] to 091224. Published […]

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