Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HQ Rest Day

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  1. ‘Bout time someone took a picture of you. And it’s a nice shot.

    • agreed…it’s just sooo hard to catch her holding still for more than a split second 😉

    • that is a very nice shot.

    • I agree…excellent photo.

    • I think we all like it. Cool pic!

      • Laura, I forgot to get my exact workout time from Sunday. Could you get it for me before erasing the board tomorrow. Thanks!

        • 29:44

  2. I made up Diane today so that means I’m caught up on this last cycle. It was a tough one. That thruster workout about did me in.

    Pike Pushups on 24″ box

    I PR’ed by 2:33. My previous best of 12:46 was back in May. On 9/13, I did it in 13:14, but we used different subs so it’s not a strict comparision.

    I won’t be back in the gym until after Christmas… maybe Monday. Merry Christmas, everyone.

    • Great job Pat!!

  3. Diane w/ 99 lb deadlift & pike pushups: 13:59

    My back is unbelievably tight.

  4. In the frozen tundra of wis: (but done indoors)
    50 situps
    50 burpees
    50 situps
    50 lunges
    50 situps
    50 squats
    50 situps

    • Wow! Nice work, Therese!

  5. Tuesdays are Awesome!
    Thanks all for coming on your beloved “rest” day

    Did “Diane” but found that my time was significantly slower than my previous outing…guess I was still sore from the “nose to floors” as well as Saturdays traveshamockery…

    Did RX @ 7:00…previous time was 5:06

    Followed that up with 30 bar muscle ups for time:
    5:58, 1 second off of my ring muscle up time

    • speed-demon…great work today K…and post-wod wod too! no pr 4 me today but still felt good to play with a goat (hspu’s) before the holidays.

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  7. I tried Diane today and it took years to get through the HSPU even with assistance! I should have known it would be a problem when I couldn’t do regular push-ups in the warm up. Deadlifts were o.k. though. I thought that I would loosen up today, but still fatigued and shoulders remain very sore.

    -2 blue bands (HSPU)
    -(155# deadlift)

  8. Diane 155#, 24 in box. 7:41 (I think a PR but will have to check my journal in Atl). Deadlifts felt fairly light but the pike pushups need work.

    Stop by and visit Crossfit Tulsa if you’re ever in the area.

  9. I made up that thruster madness from Saturday

    35:11 Rx. It was not as bad, yet worse than I expected. I know that makes no sense. I feared it prior to starting – so in that way anticipation was killing me. After starting what I was fearing wasn’t as bad, but other things hurt worse. Round one was 9/3/3 and I dropped the bar on #9. The remaining rounds were not pretty.

    I would have love to have watched me “run”. I am sure it was hysterical.

  10. Another addition to the list of things that are great about Crossfit (particularly CrossfitRx): No mirrors!

    Did the heavy thruster wod at a school gym in my hometown and I didn’t think about it, but set up my workout spot in front of a wall of mirrors. It was horrible! It was very disorienting. 1-you aren’t feeling the movements of your body as much as you are visually seeing them and then reacting/changing them so it feels awkward and less natural. 2-you see the areas of your form that could use some work, but because of #1 it’s not cool. 3-you start to notice how weird and funny your face looks during wods and it’s distracting-haha. 4-any slight insecurity or body image issue you might have is right there for you to see and analyze! I noticed the strange shimmy I do when I come out of heavy squats and was not happy about it! haha.

    Anyway, mentioned this to Laura and she agreed and said I should post about it…so those are my thoughts on the reasons mirrors are lame and why Crossfit RX kicks ass! 🙂

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