Sunday, December 20, 2009

Three rounds for time of:
5 Ascents of a 15′ rope
21 Ring dips
50 Squats

Post time to comments.

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  1. Made up yesterday’s awful WOD.

    88# thrusters

    My hat is off to everyone who did this Rx. 88# was terribly heavy. On round 1 I was able to get 7 unbroken but most of the time I was doing these 3 at a time.

    • Great job Pat…the determination was evident on your face! I had uncomfortable flashbacks looking at you this morning.

      • Thank you, La Mar. That means a lot to me.

    • you were awesome!

      • Thanks, Terresa. You always make me feel good. And I like feeling good. 🙂

  2. Darn, I really wanna try this one…I’ll have to do it some day when I get back (after the 27th)

    Happy Holidays everyone!!

  3. As close to rx as we can get in our gym
    (rope climbs are 7@13′ instead of the prescribed 5@15′)

  4. Glad that rope climbs came up…

    As close to Rx as we can get – 15:10

    Really pleased with the improvement in my rope climbs. Muscle fatigue set in real quick with ring dips…started each round with as many strict as possible before moving to kipping dips (rd 1: 10 strict, rd 2: 3 strict, rd 3: 3 strict).

    Kudos to Mike and Chris for putting in work on the rope 🙂

  5. Did the alt WOD: 3 rounds of 25 pull ups (blue), 21 ring dips (red), and 50 squats (ouch). 30:38

  6. I looked in the door and everyone was looking awesome! I was taking a rest day and getting some breakfast. So sore from yesterday…

  7. opted to be creative with this one…chose 8 x 10′ wall-climbs (on large holds), strict ring-dips, & decline sit-ups instead-o-squats…29:27…enjoy rope-climbs but dislike the burns & figured that the CFRx rope might be seeing heavy traffic today 😉 plus wanted to include some climber-specific training after what seems like many cycles of squatting & thrusting stuff…was down to double & single dips in the last round (ouch)…hats off to those who hugged the rope!! 🙂

  8. As Rx’d: 32:24

    First time getting all the way through a rope climbing WOD. It takes more energy than I would have thought — had to keep stopping to rest. Not a great time but just happy to have earned another CrossFit skill… and I have the new scars to prove it! : )

    • Congrats, Mike! That’s really something!

    • way to go!

  9. Made this up on 12/21

    3 Rounds:
    25 Pullups (blue+tiny)
    21 Dips (blue)
    50 squats


  10. subbed 25 pullups for the rope climbs. 13 of the first ring dips in rd. 1 were unassisted, then skinny band for the rest. i haven’t done these in a while, so they didn’t feel that strong…prob didn’t help that they followed pullups. there’s just too many things to practice!


    • also, great to see aaron back in the gym!

  11. Thanks. Good to be back.

    Made up a day late.
    Alt workout, subbing pull-ups for rope climbs.
    3 rounds
    25 pull-ups
    21 ring dips (tiny band)
    50 squats

    Both pull-ups and ring dips were broken into lots of little sets. Three months off definitely did not help my pull-ups.

  12. Made up this wod a day late. The rope climbs actually went pretty well…I was standing up and using my legs better than last time. Less fatigue on my arms. Ring dips were by far the more difficult exercise. Haven’t really learned proper kip, so I get tired pretty quick. Most were 2 at a time.

    as rx, 23:06

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