Thursday, December 17, 2009

Squat clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090217.

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  1. A better “compare to” would be from the clean and jerk singles last month:

  2. Who is that nerd? And why am I still up?

  3. 98-110-120-125F-125F-87×2-99

    I had the 125 in a full squat…just couldn’t stand up with it because my elbows were down. Work on getting elbows fast and high.

    note: my clean and jerk max from 11/12 was 125#. Front squat max is 154.

  4. 110 – 120 – 132 – 137F – 137PR – 142F – 142F

    Clean & Jerk PR from 11/12 was 130 lbs.
    Front squat PR from 9/15 was 143 lbs.

    • Big progress, Mike.

  5. 77-87-99-109f-104PR-105.5f

    oops…thought i had 7 lifts but miscounted! need to work on stronger, more explosive jerks and keeping the bar close to me.

  6. Due to my shoulder rehab, I had to do a different wod. We chose “The Chief” and it did the trick! The chief is 135lb power clean (3x), pushups (6x), air squats (9x). You do as many rounds as possible in three minutes, take a 1 minute rest, then continue for five cycles.

    Round 1-7
    Round 2-5
    Round 3-4 (pitiful)
    Round 4-5
    Round 5-5 (plus 3 power cleans and 6 pushups)

    Total- 26 rounds as RX

    Wods like “The Chief” are exactly why I crossfit. It was awesome. I also worked on not standing at the bar for so long, and just picking it up. I can rest when the wod is over.

    • Yeah, you didn’t have to knock me down like that (on the board) 😉

  7. I cannot say that Squat Cleans are my favorite movement (could be due to that nasty girl Elizabeth); nevertheless, I was happy that this came up because I need to put in work…

    154, 176, 186, 198, 208, 220, 230 (+22 PR)

    Ironically, this PR matches my PR in C&J. Came in with a focus on form (keeping chest open, hips low at start). According to Laura, the best rep was @ 220. During the last rep, my back rounded a bit coming out of bottom…encouraging thing is I was aware of the mistake when it happened. I need to focus on going a bit past vertical to ensure that I get maximum power out of my hips while eliminating the “donkey kick” and using my elbows to bring me out of bottom. I didn’t expect to finish @ 230 so I’m pleased with the effort. Now it’s time to go run some hills for dessert!

    • 3.5 mile jog around Chastain with some nice ascents. Focus on hill work so no clock.

  8. This was my first big lift since I hurt my back a few weeks ago. I was a little cautious so didn’t push to failure, but I am very pleased with how I did and how my back felt.


    Explanation for the 110.5 – I had a 2.5# on one side and not the other! Didn’t notice during the lift but realized it afterwards.

    • That’s excellent!

    • Fantastic! You’re so strong!

  9. I practiced a few squat cleans on Tuesday; they felt light, and I should have just kept working on them because they felt good at the time. Today, my low back and abs are sore, and the weight felt heavy…I missed my opportunity to PR.


    Quit – DNF. Felt like crap, and my form was going, so I just called it a day. PR is 168 from the C&J day last month.

  10. 88 – 110 – 120 – 125 – 132 – 137F – 137F

    i think i need oly shoes? and more power, more explosion, and more hips…

    • I’ll defer to the coaches for instruction but I watched a few of your reps and it looks like you’re getting it. This is a tough movement 😉

  11. Used 60# and worked on trying to understand the movement and get my body to cooperate. Also worked more on double unders and got 5 in a row! 🙂

    • Great job on those double-unders T! 🙂

      • Thanks, Mr. Saurus! (You know I’ll never be able to remember your real last name now, right? “Saurus” has taken its spot in my brain.)

  12. 60-70-82-87-92(poor form)-92f-92f

  13. 44-49-52-54-59f-59f-57
    the first 59 attempt was quickly botched when I hit my chest with the bar. I became very uncoordinated. And 2nd attempt I just hesitated too long. Last lift was so sloppy & slow I don’t know if it should count. Need to continue working on staying vertical& moving quickly& smoothly.

  14. didn’t write lifts down, but I worked with Hwang. Started at 77 and ended at 114 without failing. Ran out of time.

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