Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090420.

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  1. Note: I haven’t done this WOD on schedule for a while. I last did it as a sub for OHS in June…

    On June 2, 2009
    No overhead for me.

    Back Squat 3×3

    Technically a PR, but I haven’t done a 3×3 in a looong time. My 5 rep max is 218, so I probably should have been shooting for 230.

    • 176
      230 PR
      240 PR

      Finished 20 pounds over when I did this in June. Squats actually felt good today; very happy with where I am on this exercise.

      • Laura, what happened to the comment that every workout is not going to be a PR? You do it EVERYTIME! Great Job!

  2. great job on the video, laura!

    • I couldn’t do it without my star athletes! All of you guys rock! :mrgreen:

    • That’s really cool!!!

  3. Yeah….nice vid! Y’all come in tomorrow at noon!

  4. Cool video!

    • 55-65-75-82-87pr

      Felt stronger, steadier, and less worried about hurting my back this time. Next time I want to start heavier — at 75 at least — and see where it goes.

      • Way to go, Terri!

      • Congrats, Terri.

  5. That is awesome! Makes me want to try this tomorrow….

  6. Very cool.

  7. I love this video. I’ve watched it several times now…and I want to yell “TIMBERrrrr” everytime I see Damon on the rings. 😉

    • Hahahahaha! ROTFL!

    • Yeah, I loved it too!

      Kelly, I’ll be there at noon! Lookin’ for the noon “power hour” again 🙂

    • So now I’m a tree?? An Oak at least…I hope 😉


    • Yay it’s Jane’s birthday!! xo to Jane!!!!

      • Happy Birthday, Jane! 🙂

    • happy bday, jrub!!! have a great day!

      • Happy Bday Jane!

  9. awesome video LD!:-)

  10. Happy Birthday Jane!


  11. 60-65-70-75-80

    Probably should have pushed harder. Next time.

  12. 110 – 132 – 176 PR – 176 F – 152 (x5)

    Peaked too early so I dropped down in weight and did more reps for the last set. Need to start heavier next time and increase weight more gradually.

  13. Haven’t done backsquats for max weight (other than CF Total) in over a year. I’m glad to get a good baseline on this again.


    • that is darn impressive!

    • Wow!

    • Wow!!

    • Pat, why are you so strong? : )

      • I didn’t start out strong. Thank goodness we all can excel at something. 🙂

  14. 44.44.44
    could go heavier. Workin on form.

    Happy Birthday, Jane!

  15. 110-120-125-132×2(f)-120

    no pr for me today….lots of overhead squats yesterday took a little away from my legs. fun morning in the gym, though.

    • note-used a squat ball today. even though i’m afraid to use it, i’m going to from now on to make sure i reach proper depth for the squats.

  16. Awesome video Laura!!

    I have also watched it a couple times, and I’m not surprised as to how many people went and did the wod seeing that we have the most devoted crossfitters around. Awesome work everyone!!!

    Kelly, your form was impeccable. I’m studying it 😉

    • Agree – you could put Kelly in an instructional video. Definitely something to aspire to.

      • All 3 of you guys are in my instructional video.

  17. 77-87-97-102 PR-109X1

    Fun working out at noon, especially seeing all of the cool gymnastics by Kelly and Zeke, and the huge weight backsquatted by Michaelsaurus…man, you guys are amazing!

  18. “POWER HOUR”!

    Thanks to those of you who could make it! Couple of PR’s for everyone I think.

    • i second that emotion: Fun crew & good effort by all @ the power-hour!! 🙂 p.s. can’t wait to start playing with some of those crazy gymnastic movements K & Z were doing…they make it look soooo easy!

  19. Really NOON class again today. Thanks Kelly & Michaelsaurus

    As RX: 220-242-264-274×1-269×1

    Felt good on ROM for all of the sets but one. I am keeping that my goal and not overdoing it. Felt weak in the beginning, but my strength improved as I worked out.

    • …watching those lifts, “weak” is probably the very Last word that comes to mind! 🙂

  20. 132-154-164-176-181

  21. Used high bar…

    Warm-up – 176×5, 198×5, 220×5

    242×3, 252×3, 264×3, 274×3

    Post-workout – 220×5, 220×5

    Worked on starting movement through hips. The last round was really hard. My squats have become a weakness, in my opinion, but it will give me something to work on. Now that I look at the numbers, I realize that I put in alot of reps so it probably impacted the 3s.

  22. 99-104-109-114(#2 shallow)-114(f on #3)-109

  23. […] Compare to 091215. […]

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