Sunday, December 13, 2009

Complete as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes of:
Row 500 meters
25 Turkish Get-ups with a 60-pound dumbbell

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

Helpful video here: Get-up Sit-up, Jeff Martone…[wmv][mov]

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  1. women’s Rx is 40 pounds

  2. Yeeesh, this seems like it could be very difficult!

  3. Something new again — I like it!

  4. I always wondered what the heck this was:

  5. 20 lb
    2 rounds exactly
    Interesting, arms will be sore tomorrow.

  6. I’ve never really done TGU’s before in a WOD, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it Rx’d. I started getting the hang of it in the second round; wish I could have finished it out, but happy with what I was able to accomplish.

    As Rx’d
    40# dumbbell
    1 round + 500m row & 23 TGU’s

    TGU’s done 2 at a time per side

    • Note – first round completed in 14 minutes, but almost finished the second one in 6; once I got the hang of the TGUs, they went much faster.

  7. 15#’s
    2 rounds even

  8. 20 lbs, 5 on each side, 2 rounds even

    strange little movement but fun to try.

  9. Rx – 1 round + 193 m row

    Alternated arms throughout. I started to get the hang about halfway through…may help to follow Laura’s approach and complete two at a time. As an athlete, it’s amazing to experience new body movements like this because it helps you understand the “chain” better than previously thought.

    • Man, doing these at Rx weight — that’s pretty amazing!

  10. 20#
    (5 TGUs on each side alternating)
    1 round + 500 m row + 24 TGUs

  11. 5# plate, aka, less than even remotely respectable. 1 round + row + 5. 😦

    • Even the famous CFitters struggled for 2 rounds; OPT got 1 round plus a row and 18 TGUs (he used a 65# pound dumbbell, but still). Be proud of what you DID do! Had you ever done even ONE TGU before today?

      • Never no never I didn’t! Not even one!

    • great job, terri! it was so nice to see you in the gym today.

  12. Short people favored on TGU’s? I got 2 rounds plus 90 m. Should have tried it with more than the 10 lbs I used. Fun but work.

    • wow. way to tackle this one 🙂

  13. 10 lbs, one round plus a row and 15 tgu’s.

  14. 1 round + row + 8 TGUs

    15 lb db

  15. I made this up on Monday. I’ve done TGUs before but not with this much weight. I kind of like them but this was really a challenge. I started out with 5 on each side but my left side was much harder. I ended up alternating 3-4 on right and 2-3 on left.

    2 rounds exactly.
    25# Kettle Bell

  16. 20#
    5 on each side
    1 rnd + row & 20 TGUs

    Although I worked hard, at the end I realized that I was pacing myself – something I’ve been trying to unlearn.I think the years of longer cardio type workouts conditioned my mind more than my body!!

  17. 20#, mixture of two on each side.
    1 round + row + 3 TGUs

    I thought these were kind of weird and had a bit of trouble finding balance on the left side.

  18. 25 lb kettlebell
    2 on each side
    1 round + row + 7

    This was more of a workout than I anticipated. Awkward, but I like it! Looking forward to improving time and adding weight next time.

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