Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For time:
Run 800 meters
30 Hip/Back Extensions
30 GHD Sit-ups
30 Hip Extensions
30 Knees to Elbows
30 Back Extensions
30 AbMat Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Remember, today is the first of Kelly’s Tuesday noon sessions! The gym will now be available from noon-1pm on Tuesdays, with the possibility of adding the same slot on Thursdays in the near future.

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  1. Well you called it Laura… figures this comes up after I just did all those GHD situps and back extensions.

    I think I’ll be in at noon Kelly…

  2. 16:06

  3. Did an ALT WOD b/c of my back.

    5 rds
    250 m row
    20 wall balls, 14#


    I suck at rowing. Wall balls were good – unbroken until the last round, which was 11/9. This little bugger was much more of a burner than I thought it would be.

    • hope you feel better soon, erica.

    • Erica, unbroken wall balls are pretty impressive!

  4. I decided to make up yesterday’s wod since there was a wait for a GHD. I’m glad I did because the lift went really well. I’ve never done the split jerk for max weight before, but my previous PR on standard push jerk was 120#.

    110-120-125-130-135-137f-137 (PR by 17 pounds)


    Then after my lifts I did the following (not for time).

    10 hip and back extensions
    30 ghd situps
    10 hip extensions
    10 back extensions
    15 KTE
    15 abmat situps

    • Awesome.

    • That’s a lot of work!

  5. Hip/back extensions and KTE were the worst. Run was just under 3:30. My entire midsection hurts…

    As Rx’d

    • wow…someday i’ll get my .5 mile that fast! great job LD

    • I put forth max effort and came up two minutes short…don’t know how you do it.

      • I think it’s because I was alone, and all I knew was I needed to go as fast as I could. Since I didn’t have anyone around to show me pace, I just assumed I was going slower than I should.

  6. Guess I’ll be running in the rain this evening. How refreshing!

    • Like your positive phrasing, Terri! Refreshing it will be!

    • And so it was! 17:56

  7. 13:35

    would like to try toes to bar in place of the knees to elbows next time. great job kristi, nanci, and joy this morrning!

    • Thanks for going with us. You might have been faster chasing Kristi, but we were probably faster chasing you. Although, dang, that seems fast! 🙂

  8. 17:29

  9. Good group at noon today including the adorable little ones with Zeke & Joe 😉

    Rx – 12:54

    The back movements were tough and somewhat technical…enjoyed going with Scott & Zeke in my heat.

    • I agree… loved seeing the large group at lunch today. The technical aspects were the hardest for me, well, also going with two of the fastest people was interesting. I was chasing them the entire time!


    • They really enjoyed being at the gym with everyone today. So much, that Tomas fell asleep at 2:30 and is still asleep 3 hours later! Crossfit forging ELITE Nappers!!

  10. Rx 13:11 (toes to bar)

    • That was really cool to see Kristy. Great work.

  11. Glad to be part of the inaugural noon workout and the group was awesome – enjoyed watching the “powerhouses” work after I finished.

    Rx 13:28

    and also enjoyed the little ones…so much fun!

    • Oh, and thanks Kelly and Michaelsaurus….what a great wod to start your training sessions…thanks for helping us figure out the difference btw hip extensions, back extensions and hip/back extensions.

  12. what do you think about opening up a saturday noon for those of us that party on fridays and enjoy our sat to sleep in. pahleeze

  13. This inaugural workout was awesome!! Thanks so much Kelly & Michaelsaurus!! Especially thank you to my kids who behaved themselves…phew. That means I’ll be invited back, right?

    Great seeing so many people, and working out with LaMar and Scott made it stellar. Chasing LaMar the entire run made me realize that I have NOT been putting the effort into the runs like I should. Have to work on that. Especially on Saturday when I don a speedo and run in the cold!! God help me.

    All those GHD extensions are so confusing, and I have to work on my form. LaMar has textbook perfect extensions, so I’ll try to copy those mentally from now on. All in all, not bad, but my side and back are KILLING me.

    As RX-12:41

    • help us all… I’ll post the link about the Santa Speedo Run on tomorrow’s blog. Maybe we can get some other suckers to join us three.

      • wait, what’s all this about a speedo run?

  14. I’m nursing a cold today 😦 Hoping to make this one up tomorrow.

  15. Thanks to everyone who made it in today! I was really pumped to see ya’ll kill it in the “power hour”, It was a lot of fun…and a big pat on the back to HQ for handing me 2 new movements to breakdown on my 1st day. Nice! Good thing for Michael S.

    Well, finished in 11:08 (I dont know how you did it Laura). My run was somewhere around 3:00, all back and hip ext. I tried to focus on technique over time…was difficult to find a rhythm for KTE’s. All in all, a lot of fun!
    Looking forward to next Tuesday!

    • dude, you were FLYING!! great work Kelly

      • Yeah, I thought you were gonna break 10 min too…amazing job you guys!

    • Awesome work, Kelly. We really enjoyed “Tuesdays with Kelly.”

  16. As rx, 12:55

    Went running in the rain on this one. Running against the wind on the way back to the gym was awful! All in all I am pleased with my time on this one. I think my knees to elbows could have been better. Abmat sit ups were so hard after all that other stuff!

    Congrats to everyone for what sounds like a successful 12pm session!

  17. 14:10 form was confusing for me. next time i need to go harder. i needed my rabbit to chase! ill just have to make sure to coordinate work out times with sting next round.

  18. 13:48

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