Friday, December 4, 2009

Row 1000 meters
Then three rounds, 21, 15, and 9 reps of:
GHD Situps
Back Extensions

Post time to comments.

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  1. Nice pic Trish! You look bad-ass! hehe

    • That is a great picture!

    • very impressive!

    • muscles!!!!

  2. 9:29

  3. Short (& sweet?) this morning. My throat was sore from panting during rowing!
    9:16 (can it be called rx’d if ghds aren’t much below parallel?)

  4. 12:12 Rx

    I was happy to see a workout come up with a low rep count on ghd situps. Normally when it comes up, there are so many of them that I get discouraged part-way through. I did fine on the row and the back extensions; the situps really slowed me down. But I did them all fully extended.

    • good job on getting the ghds, pat!

  5. 7:40

  6. 7:25

  7. More challenging than I thought it would be! Raced La Mar on this one, so I was making sure to try and keep a good pace…

    As Rx’d

    side note: 1000m was in 3:43

    • nicceeeeee!

    • …just READING that time made me short of breath & my quads hurt 😉

      • Kelly beat me by ONE SECOND!

    • RX 6:46
      Side note…..100m was 6:53

    • ok…I tried to rub it in, now I realize that I’m just an IDIOT! 1000m…not 100m was 3:53….not 6:53…oops

  8. Kept pace with the machine (Laura) but came up a bit short…

    Rx – 7:15

    Completed row in 3:40.

  9. 7:39

  10. Wow, great times everyone! I was much in need of a rest day! I hate rowing, which means I will make this up soon so I can begin to make peace with this nemesis.

  11. 7:18. Nice to see everyone this morning. Row over 4 minutes. I need to focus there to shave time.

  12. 8:23. Row roughly 4 min, GHDs were slow.
    First day back since late August. Happy to have a nice short workout to ease back into things.

    • Glad you’re back, Aaron!

    • welcome back!

  13. Rx 8:20

  14. 8:37
    I jacked this one up! lol I got so confused and stopped during the workout to head back to the rowers because I thought we were rowing for 3000 m. I finally got it after Damon yelled at me. Anyway, fun and quick one, but I still hate rowing!

  15. 7:41…need to work on rowing faster, just the rowing was 4:29min. I know I need to actually be doing 500m in warm-up. I have been skimping sometimes and only doing about 250…I know, I know, I won’t do it again. 🙂

  16. 7:58 – need to work on the rowing!!

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