Sunday, November 29, 2009


Complete three rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, right arm
21 L Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, left arm
21 L Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

These are squat not power snatches.

Compare to 090221.

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  1. It was so nice to be back in the gym this morning. I did Linda. I’ve only done Linda once before on 8/12, and I went light on the weights. Kind of enjoyed it on 8/12. Can’t say the same for today. That was misery.

    Deadlift: 176#
    Bench: subbed decline pushups because my vertigo was acting up when I laid down for the bench press. I used two 25# plates for the decline pushups. (Very pleased with the iprovement in my pushups lately.)
    Cleans: 95# – full squat cleans on rounds 10-6. Mostly power cleans on rounds 5-1.


    • Welcome back and good work!

  2. HIGHLY UNPLEASANT. 5# plate, blue band. Sub for Ls was 21 pull ups and 21 k2e. Did 2 rounds minus the first 21 k2e (my fault for not listening carefully). 52:31. Thought I would die.

    • Glad you didn’t die, Terri! Now that it’s over, aren’t you glad you came in? I think these tough ones are the most important to tackle. Good for you!

      • I *am* glad, yes. My arms ache, though. You did a great job, Joy!

  3. Yesterday, I was motivated and feelin’ good…today, not so much. Snatches felt strong, but L pulls held me back. Hands/grip a bit worn out from “Linda” yesterday; also, couldn’t muster the same level of intensity today.

    As Rx’d
    30# dumbbell
    29:20 PR (about 2 1/2 minutes faster than last time)

  4. Joshie with 15 lb dumbell

    It seemed like forever – hands definitely hurt.

    • As I said in person– awesome!

  5. Rough on the hands for sure. But really good to have a challenging workout after the holiday of eating too much. Floundered getting the form down for the snatches. There were reps where I had it right but esp at the end it was hard squatting low enough. I tried doing pull ups with hands farther apart & it is harder to get up there.
    10lb dumbbell; pull ups w/blue band followed by the Knees-to-elbow

  6. 2 rounds 53:40

    10 pound dumbbell
    pull ups and knees to elbows

    it sucked!

  7. My motivation was crap today. Didn’t feel very stable on snatches, and need to work on better “butt back” squat position. Faster than last time, so thats good.

    20#, 46:?? something…wrote it down in my book, but it is out in the car!

  8. 20 lb dumbells, 40:25 minutes, 4 blisters…ouch

  9. 52 something (much of that spent obsessing over my ripped hands). red band pull ups, 21 ring pulls instead of last 21 pull ups, 10lb weight.

  10. Time: 47:33

    Black band pullups, 10 lb snatches. I really need to work the form on those, only about one out of five felt right.

  11. I’m writing this on Monday since this is when I did the wod Joshie.

    As RX- 24:00

    Tried to break up the rounds 7/7/7. I wait around too long for breaks. I need to countdown from 5 and just keep going or I’m not going to improve the cardio side. All in all, I felt great. Oh, I also did kipping L-Pullups. They’re so much more efficient.

  12. Ran 4.3 miles/37:27

    Made “Joshie” up on Monday. 38:00 w/ 25# snatches.

    L-pull-ups were really tough. I couldn’t consistently keep my legs up on the way down. I didn’t find the snatches too hard – next time I will go RX.

    • I meant 35# DB snatches

  13. Very frustrated that I couldn’t find a way to do Joshie. My shoulders just don’t seem to work that way. I don’t have the strength or flexibility (or something) to lock the weight up over my head and stay balanced when I squat. Tried it with 15lb dumbbell before giving up.

    Did Helen with Martha instead:
    11:06 (37 seconds over PR)

  14. made up two days late: 43:02 ripped left palm. ouch. hard to push full steam with an empty gym. no comments for next time except… go faster!

  15. This one kills the hands!
    Did 10# DB squat snatch. Left side stronger. Sub’d 21 pull ups(tiny) +21 KTE. I think this might be last pull up workout with a band– yikes!

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