Wednesday, November 25, 2009

* Hours today: 6am-9am ONLY *

400 meter Walking lunge

Post time and number of steps to comments.

Compare to 071216.

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  1. * note to self:

    Post from 2007

    Last time this came up, I did the work inside and felt I might have measured the distance a little short. This time, I used to map out an exact 400m outside.

    Last time: 9:48, 299 steps (most likely shy of 400m)

    Today: 10:56, 330 steps

    I then waited 5 minutes and went again.

    Today, second round: 10:55, 327 steps

    • Owee.

      Used same route as 2 years ago.

      324 steps
      9:18 PR


      • yeeesh! nice PR there 🙂 even with knee-pads i was slooooow today: 393 steps @ 14:22. but really really happy it’s over. BTW have you checked out Robb’s blog recently?

      • Nice!!!

  2. I’m not sure about doing this one tomorrow. I am thinking about running the thanksgiving day half marathon and want to save my legs.

    • Good luck, I am working at the starting line…maybe I’ll see you!

  3. Great pic!!!

    Well, Mac, you won’t see me tomorrow, I have my kids home from school and I can do this at home.
    I am volunteering at the marathon on Thurs from 5 am-8 am so I hope that I can make it by 9 on Thursday to get the workout in before the gorging!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Awesome photo! That Jenny is strong. I’m doing this one outside this time. I think it will go faster that way.

    • 26:42. Lost track of steps on the way out; forgot to count on the way back.

      • You’re not gonna say PR? That’s a helluva lot less time than 40+ minutes! :mrgreen:

        • You’re right: PR!!!!!!!

          (I’m a bit embarrassed about the 40+. I spent A LOT of time resting when I did this workout before. There was also some chatting. It was just so painful.)

          • I just looked up my previous time. It was 38:11 on 10/8.

          • Great job, Terri! Fewer breaks and less chatting is all part of it! Own your PR!

  5. Here’s an exact 400m route for the walking lunge:

    – Start at where our gate meets our neighbor’s driveway
    – Continue straight alongside the building until you reach the sidewalk
    – Immediate right towards Dekalb Ave.
    – Make a right, continuing down the sidewalk until you are next to the bushes by the Wallcrawler building; turn around when you are UNDER the sign for “Candler Park Connection”
    – Retrace your steps back to the beginning

  6. It was a nice morning to be outside. I put on some makeshift knee pads- not very thick, but it definitely helped. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
    21:07 (427 knee touches!)

    • Nice work, Joy – that’s a lot of steps!

      • Thanks, coach. I predict I’ll have the most steps!

  7. 16:50 about 350 steps.

  8. Sorry to miss this morning. I planned on coming in today, but I’m having vertigo. It started on Sunday, and I thought it was just an after-workout thing, but it’s gotten worse. I’m very dizzy if I move too quickly or the wrong way. I used to get this regularly (maybe a few times a year). It was diagnosed as a an inner-ear thing, and I have medication that I can take for the dizziness. Haven’t had a flare-up in a long time, thanks to CF and a better diet I think. ANYWAY, that’s why I didn’t make it in this morning. I may be in on Friday. If not, I will see you guys on Monday.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am thankful for CFRx. And I really mean that. 😀

    • Yikes! I hope this passes soon!! Missed you this morning.

    • If it persists, have yourself checked for an inner ear infection. That happened to me once and I had no symptoms except the dizziness. Take care!

    • Dang vertigo. Hope you feel better, Pat. Have a great holiday.

    • Hope it passes soon.

  9. Yay! A workout I can do while in NOLA. No gym needed. Plus, can even do this one with my cold. Happy Turkey Day!

  10. 12:15 with 366 steps — owww!

    It was fun having Mac join us this morning. Pat, feel better soon. Joy, thanks for the offer of the maxi-kneepads but I just couldn’t do it! : )

    • Mike, that’s an awesome time & with raw knees! And I swear I wasn’t going to say on the blog that my kneepads were made with maxipads in case you had borrowed them!

      • I think you are very creative! ; )

  11. Time: 21:39
    378 steps

    Nice time, Mike! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  12. 13:26
    396 steps
    Us shorties need lots of steps…do we get extra credit for that? haha!

    • You got that right, girl! If you do the math, your steps were almost as fast as Laura’s.

      • Well, that’s encouraging!

  13. 14:20
    413 steps

    Sheesh, that burned! Good news is my groin felt fine!!

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