Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090921.

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  1. SP:

    I haven’t pressed more than 93 pounds since joining Rx on 8/2. 95 was my previous PR from April. Finally matched it today and then beat it. I’m so glad.

    88-103-120-125×1 PR

    120×3 matches my PR from April. 125×1 is a new single rep PR.

    Ran out of time so I could not do the push jerks. 😦

    • Nice job, Pat!

  2. SP: 55-60-65-70f-67f
    PP: 60-65-70-75-77 PR
    Didn’t have time for the jerks – Pat, maybe we can do a makeup on a rest day or something 🙂

    Proper technique definitely makes the lifts easier…

    • I didn’t get to the push jerks either. If you guys plan a make-up day let me know.

  3. P: 66-76-82-88PR-90f
    PP: 77-82-87f-88
    PJ: 87-92

    was short on time this morning so i opted to skip the last PP, and start the PJs. just as well because i struggled with the PP form; i tend to want to recruit my legs and dip under the weight so a little frustrated with that. wish i had time to continue the PJs…i could have continued past 92.

    it was mentioned that i need to work on improving my rack (giggle), so that i can drive better through my heels.

    out of town for the holiday. see everyone monday morning! happy thanksgiving!

  4. Great WOD….looking forward to it on Wed.

  5. This past week, my left shoulder has started bothering me again; made an appointment for Sadri tomorrow, so I’m hoping I will be back to normal soon.

    Today my left shoulder was simply not firing; got weights over my head no problem, however, my right arm locked out, but left arm refused to work…very frustrating.

    SP: 103-112-117F (got 6″ above head, but left arm couldn’t go)-115 (again, left arm not working, but managed to lock out eventually)-no 5th attempt
    PP: 120-132-145-155-160×2
    PJ: 132-145-155 (1# PR)-160×3-no 5th attempt

  6. By the time I got through the SP, I was already out of time! But that’s okay, because my heart wasn’t in it this morning. Matched my PR of 88 but just couldn’t get any more!

    SP 77/82/92F/88/92F

    Went for an evening run – 4.8 miles/40:34

  7. Did three sets of each so I would have time for all exercises. It was an evening of tiny PRs:

    SP: 55, 58f, 57pr
    PP: 57, 60, 65pr
    PJ: 60, 65pr, 70f

    Also, I did four double unders tonight! (Not in a row, but YAY!)

    • Be proud of those double unders. You rock!

  8. SP: 77 – 92 – 99 – 110 – 120F (need to start around 100 lbs next time)
    PP: 110 – 120 – 130F – 125PR – 130F
    PJ: DNF

    For reference, PRs are 115 (SP), 125 (PP), 117 (PJ)

  9. SP: 55-60-65-70-75PR
    PP: 65-70-75-77-80
    PJ: 75-77-82F on #5-80-82

  10. SP:55-65f-60-65pr

    Was running late from picking up my computer from the repair shop…so only did about 3 sets of each. Happy to be able to get pr on shoulder press…I struggle with that movement quite a bit. This wod is sooo long and mentally challenging.

  11. I was taken off guard by how hard this felt and how quickly I failed at every lift. Ugh. I was a little worried about my back, but it’s okay today.

    I don’t have my loads in front of me, but it was something like:

    SP: 55/60/65F
    PP: 55/60/?
    PJ: 60/65/70F?

  12. […] Compare to 091124. […]

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