Sunday, November 22, 2009

Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of:
25 Burpees
Body weight back squat, 15 reps

Post rounds completed to comments.

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  1. 1. A cold, rainy Sunday.
    2. Soreness from yesterday’s WOD.
    3. An AMRAP with lots of burpees (my #1 nemesis).
    That’s three GOOD reasons to stay home. But I’m so glad I did it anyway. This is a good one. Kicked my behind.

    132# back squat
    2 rounds + 25 burpees and 9 back squats

    The burpees really slowed me down. As bad as my burpees were today, I think they were improved over the last time I did them.

    The back squats felt very heavy after the burpees. Once you are winded, it’s a lot harder to backsquat! I did them in sets of 5 except for the last 9 I did unbroken…was trying to get 10 before Laura called ‘time’.

    • 132#!! Amazing work, Pat! I thought 55# would surely kill me.

  2. I was glad to visit the gym today

    I have not worked out for a week partly due to transportation issues, so I did not have the soreness or tiredness from the previous WODs in this cycle.

    It was good to do this one and get warmed up to get back into working out again.

    Pat, I agree with the burpees. I hate them, they made me tired and my lower back got sore.

    as Rx w/50kg
    3 rounds + 15 burpees

    I am glad we got to use a rack for these or I would have cried more.

    • It was really nice meeting you and I was totally impressed with your backsquats! Hope to see you again soon!

    • Sorry I didn’t get to meet you. By the time I overcame my dizziness and got up off the floor, you were already working out. I too was impressed with your back squats. You looked so strong.

      • Thanks, it was nice meeting you guys. I like the environment at the gym

        Same here Pat, you were working out then recovering, which I know requires quiet contemplation. Good job on the workout, and #132 pounds is awesome.

  3. G’morning Rx people!
    Due to my recent lifting accident Friday, I’ve had a lot of time to think about DL lifting standards (while laying on this damn floor). I know some of you heard me say that losing a tight lumbar curve “will happen” at max loads. This is true, however don’t translate that to mean that lifting with a soft back is acceptable. It happens, but when it is extreme it is NEVER acceptable. I’m not sure, but I was told that my back wasn’t in a horrible position, but it was bad enough to “blow” a lower lumbar disk. That being said, we will be a little less lenient when it comes to back positions on any lift coming off of the floor and especially on max deadlifts. Practicing perfect form at light and moderate loads will get you stronger for maxes and that needs to always be the goal. God knows you don’t wanna be on Sadri’s table with your buttocks exposed…LOL!

    See yall Monday PM, and enjoy those burpees 😉

    • Haha! Take care Damon!

    • Well said. Look forward to having you back in the gym. Take care of yourself!

    • Sadri saw your cheeks! Ha!!! I’m sorry you’re injured, but that’s pretty funny. xoxo

    • Thanks Damon, a very convincing reminder. Hope it heals fast.

    • heya D hope you’re feelin’ better! 😉

    • Funny Damon. It’ll be good to see ya back at the gym! Rest up.

    • get some good rest and feel better soon.

    • I was wondering if you were not working today but now I know.. Sorry to hear about what happened. haha hope you don’t have to get treated for too long

    • Hey Damon! Come on back to the gym. I don’t wanna go too many days without getting smart with you! : ) BTW- I haven’t blogged in 2 whole days!! Aren’t you proud of me? Ha,Ha

  4. I have not worked out since Wed and was really thinking it was gonna go bad…

    5 rounds plus 25 burpees and 10 bs

    I ended up trading the 77 for 55 lbs but I think the problem was that I should have given my quads about 30 sec to rest from the first round of burpees…after the first 5-6 backsquats at 55, I felt the weight was too light….I did the first 3 rounds unbroken and the last two were done 8 + 7….oh well, live and learn.

    I will be in tomorrow morning to make up yesterday’s wod.

    • That’s a lot of rounds, Therese. Heavens!

      • Wow!!

  5. As Rx’d
    160# back squats

    5 rounds even

    Did this one alone, but don’t think I could have gone any faster working out in a group; that’s a lot of freakin’ burpees, and when you follow them with heavy back squats, it’s just brutal.

    Almost everything was broken into 5’s.

    • Wow. 160#. Nice.

  6. Got 4 rounds plus four burpees. I was really trying for 4, so I was happy. 55 lb squats.

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone, especially Terri! Makes a big difference.

    • You rock, Paige.

    • Way to reach your goal Paige!

  7. 55#, 2 rounds + 25 burpees + 6 BS. I was a big whiner, but I feel great for showing up and working. The gym was packed with strong women. Plus Ian, also strong. 🙂

    Super cool picture of Brent!!

  8. 100#, 3rounds +25 burpees, +8 squats

    Tough workout…taking a breath before the squat helped.

  9. 100 lb BS ( a good bit from rx)

    4 rounds plus 18 burpees

    was going to use 87 pounds but glad kristy encouraged me to go a little heavier. sets of 5’s for all rounds. they really started to slow down, especially in the last round. i don’t mind burpees, but they gave me some ugly bruises!

    • good job.

      I thought I was the only one who got bruises (large ones) and was wondering if I had a blood problem.

  10. The gym was full of strong chics and so much fun on Saturday! I was happy when the burpees came around and used it as rest time since the back squats were a killer. Ian gave me some good advice about really opening up my hips so I will try to incorporate that for next work out. Next time, I hope to focus on a goal for backsquats before resting. I tend to do too much breaking up before I am at my max.

    Rx’d (127#) – 4 rounds

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