Friday, November 20, 2009

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 091024.

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  1. OK, guys – please let me know what hours you would request for the upcoming holiday week…specifically, next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I’m not promising anything, but I’m willing to work with you πŸ˜‰

    • I will be in town and on furlough…so I’d love to come to the gym…whatever time is good for you, I’m flexible.

    • Ruth and I will be in town, so any hours you have will be great.

    • I’ll be in town w/visiting family at my house so after Wed it gets more difficult to get away. Wed morning at 6 I would be more likely to make.

    • Would love to workout Wednesday morning. Anytime works for me on Wednesday. Depending on Thursday hours, I may workout. The latest I could make it is 8am. But I certainly don’t expect you to be open on Thanksgiving!

      • I’m out of town Wed – Fri. Thx!

    • I’m here the whole time and will come in if you’re open. I’m not working Thurs or Fri so I am flexible on times.

  2. 154-164-176-186-189(PR)-154-154

  3. 231-253-263(PR)-268(F)-265(F)-265(F)-265(F)

    PR by 10 pounds.

    • Yay! and nice pic!

    • Mighty Pat!!

  4. 154-164-176-186-191f-191f-191(t&g)

    for the last lift, coach damon suggested i lift the weight from the rack, and do a “touch and go”, and i was able to bring the weight back up. doesn’t count as a deadlift, but it will help me overcome my mental block with the deadlifts.

    i was more comfortable with my form today, but still need lots of improvement.

    • …yeah, I don’t think that little “touch and go” trick works over a certain weight…it was harder to try and take 360 out of the rack than it is to try and pick it up off the ground!

      • yeah i hate it when i try to pull 360 out of the rack.

        that’s incredible, laura πŸ™‚

        • holidays-i’ll be out of town wed-sun. maybe i’ll try to drop in on a seattle crossfit sffiliate!

  5. If you could be open on Wednesday evening..that would be great for me! I will be out of town on Thursday and Friday.

  6. I got my deadlift back!


    Deadlifts are the best.

  7. man! i’m missing deadlifts! i got so pumped last time i did this workout… i’ll catch it on the rest day.

    holidays – weds evening would be good for me. no working out allowed on turkey day.

  8. Amarinthia and Betsy – what time Wednesday evening? Will you be getting out of work early?

    • I am not sure I would be able to get off work early, but if it doesn’t work out to be open in the evening, then I would have no problem coming in the morning instead. That seems like it might be a better fit given the other feedback you’ve gotten. I will just have to get my ass up! haha

  9. yes – most likely early. give me a time and i’ll work with it… don’t wanna hang you guys up, so i can skip it all together as well.

  10. I could do wednesday morning at 6 am, will be gone later wednesday and on thursday. Unsure where I’ll be on friday.

  11. I can definitely do Wednesday morning but it has to be early like 6 a.m. since I am also working that day. I will be out of town Thursday -Monday.

    176-198-220-242-264-242-268 (F)

    LIfting is no fun early in the morning. Last PR was 267. I actually got the 268 off the ground but didn’t bring it up because my back was rounded. Damon says that the back will round after a certain weight so maybe I should have kept going. I wasn’t hurting but thought it may be best to drop the weight. Next time, I will start with a heavier weight and try not to waste lifts. I WILL PR next time.

    • 176 – 191 – 203 – 213 – 220 PR – 225 F – 225 F

      +7 lbs over my previous PR from July. And, hey — NO BACK INJURY!!!! : D

      • nice pr, mike! you looked strong this morning. and then to follow that up with floor wipers for fun!

  12. Laura, I’m in for Wednesday AM at 6 will then be out of town for the rest of the week.

    Did Diane tonight 11:30 PR by 34 sec and this time I did my modified pike pushups off the 24 in box instead of 20.

    Feel better Damon!

  13. Today confirms my totally unorthodox method of doing deadlifts.

    I must go in in the morning, do a full warm up and complete the lifts as best I can, in lifting shoes. The weights will feel heavy and I will finish well below PR.

    I must then go back in the afternoon and walk up to a weight I have never picked up before. I must not warm up, and I must wear my running shoes, of all things. I will then pick up the weight without a struggle.

    I’m not going to try and understand it, but apparently, this works for me.


    360 PR (+6 pounds)

    Wanted to attempt 365, but had to attend to other things and did not get an opportunity.

  14. 121, 143, 153, 158, 163, 165, 167f

    10 pounds below my PR of 175.

  15. 143, 165, 187, 200, 210, 220

  16. 142-164-186-198-203f-203f

    Still wasn’t able to break 200..but it took me a long time to even get to 200, so I just need to be patient with myself. Was really exciting to work out with Trish and see her great progress on dead-lift. She rocked it! haha

  17. Did these deadlifts on November 24. Hadn’t done them since Sept 22.

  18. […] Compare toΒ 091120. […]

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